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TRUE Limits Of Humanity - The Final Border We Will Never Cross

  • Publicado em 10 Mai 2021
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    The original Limits of Humanity: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL4yY...
    Is there a border we will never cross? Are there places we will never reach, no matter how hard we try? It turns out, there are. Even with sci-fi technology, we are trapped in a limited pocket of the Universe and the finite stuff within it. How much universe is there for us and how far can we go?
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Comentários • 44 364

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  Anos atrás +19373

    Hey Everybody! So this video is a remake and remaster of an older video that has a mistake in it. You can watch the original here: brclip.com/video/ZL4yYHdDSWs/video.html
    What is the mistake? In a nutshell: In the original video we said that it was PHYSICALLY impossible to leave the local group and reach other galaxy groups. That the rest of the universe is moving away from us too fast to catch up. But that’s wrong. It is not PHYSICALLY impossible to leave the Local Group, just extremely unlikely that we’ll ever do it.
    BUT: If you have a lot of time and a fast spaceship you can still get to a limited amount of galaxies - these galaxies will eventually get out of reach forever but until then, they are technically within reach. So why did we keep the video up and didn’t purge it when we deleted our addiction and refugee crisis videos?
    Well, it has to do with the nature and severity of the mistake: We did talk to a few astrophysicists to ask them what they thought and if we should take down the video. Their feedback was pretty clear, they thought it was still fine as the universe expansion things explained in the video are correct and they didn’t consider the local group thing as too major. This was actually a case of “good enough”.
    Also, back when this original upload happened, Kurzgesagt was operating at pretty tight margins and just redoing a video was not easy for us. Back then the team was small and we were fighting to put new videos out. So we just swallowed the bitter pill and kept the video around.
    But the video still bothered us, as far as we know this was the biggest unfixed mistake on the channel. Super frustrating, especially because the core idea of the video is so fascinating. The limit of our species. The actual limit. So yeah, we finally remade the video, sorry for taking this long, life got in the way.
    The original video will stay up, you can compare the two if you want to see how far we have come in a few years in terms of production quality. All in all, we could only grow the channel and work on getting better because of direct support from you guys. So thank you for that. - Philipp
    PS: If you want, check out our shop for some new posters about the universe posters and black hole plushies and stuff like that: bit.ly/3dRJj71

    • Ken Mabie
      Ken Mabie Mês atrás +2

      @🌟Hexadecimal time stops at the speed of light

    • Tmysta ew
      Tmysta ew 2 meses atrás

      Of only our governments could admit mistakes and learn from them 🤭

  • Albert Hernandez
    Albert Hernandez 5 meses atrás +5534

    As a Mexican I can inform you that we can definitely cross any border

    • phiddle phart
      phiddle phart 12 horas atrás

      Thank you, u made me laugh. I got all Chinese eyed. 😂😅😋puff, puff, cough, cough💨💨💨😈

    • Kevin Tischer
      Kevin Tischer Dia atrás

      What border? The USA has no Southern Border. LOL

    • Braidyn Chapman
      Braidyn Chapman 2 dias atrás

      Simple humor. Not to my liking.

    • ScapeTSG
      ScapeTSG 4 dias atrás

      @Martin Wright jokes are made to laugh at.

    • Tyler Campbell
      Tyler Campbell 9 dias atrás

      That's the spirit

  • Rasika's Iymprint
    Rasika's Iymprint  5 meses atrás +736

    Absoluetly loved that they ended by acknowledging a mistake. We really need to normalize making mistakes. Also the video was absoluetly amazing!

    • empty cup
      empty cup 23 dias atrás

      @ThatOnePolishGuy 💀💀

    • ThatOnePolishGuy
      ThatOnePolishGuy 23 dias atrás +2

      "Normalize making mistakes"
      Oops I made a mistake with the heart surgery, and the patient died. I'm so quirky.

    • empty cup
      empty cup 29 dias atrás

      @zhain0 what did you mean by “didn’t say they shouldn’t”? My comment was meant to say that being put down for messing up a play is an example of mistakes being “looked down on”. That means they’re not normalized or accepted, despite the fact that they are incredibly common and normal.
      Also I’m sorry if my first reply came off rude, that wasn’t my intention.

    • zhain0
      zhain0 Mês atrás

      @empty cup didnt say they shouldnt. i was just wondering when they were not normal as the op, who i was commenting to, said they need to be normalised

    • empty cup
      empty cup Mês atrás +2

      @zhain0 it is normal, that doesn’t change the fact that if you were to fuck up a play in a game someone would be like “seriously? How did you f that up?”

  • Marc Pichel
    Marc Pichel 5 meses atrás +65

    Cool vid! One question: How do we know we’re not living in a time where many galaxies already gotten out of view/disappeared(as our very distant descendants might perceive) instead of assuming there must have been a big bang based on current knowledge? Would love to see a video explaining that :)

    • TheDarkSide363
      TheDarkSide363 Mês atrás +4

      We do know that. That’s why we always refer to everything we see as the “observable” universe. There are many galaxies out there that we have never seen and will never be able to see.
      However, the CMB is still detectable so we’re still able to see the Big Bang.

    • wren
      wren 2 meses atrás +6

      Because right now, our universe is pretty young, and we can still see the cosmic background radiation

    • BoogeyThings
      BoogeyThings 4 meses atrás +12

      we can still see cosmic microwave radiation, which was formed during the time universe was still in infancy. it will fade away too.

    • Ken Mabie
      Ken Mabie 4 meses atrás +3

      because we can see the CMB thats why

  • Ten Penny
    Ten Penny 4 meses atrás +50

    This really just makes me think of how beautiful everything must have been from here closer to the beginning of it all, and how much more we could learn with all that light if we had the technology back then.

    • mar kus
      mar kus 22 dias atrás +1

      You are technically right. If we existed back then and had modern technology that would spectacular

    • Giancarlo Giovannetti
      Giancarlo Giovannetti 2 meses atrás +7

      we didn't even exist back then lmao

  • Jay Exci
    Jay Exci Anos atrás +88944

    This is the most upsetting thing that will literally never affect me

    • AntiHumor
      AntiHumor 11 dias atrás

      If we manage to use wormholes for travel than this won't affect the rest of humanity either. Only reason we can't reach those parts of the universe is because we can't physically move that fast. But nobody said anything about TELEPORTING

    • PG13park
      PG13park 29 dias atrás


    • Jimmie Raper
      Jimmie Raper Mês atrás

      Why Card

    • Gucci the blox master the alt
      Gucci the blox master the alt 2 meses atrás


    • James Howarth
      James Howarth 3 meses atrás

      I no

  • thedeadof17
    thedeadof17 Mês atrás +12

    Thank you so much for your philosophy, I would definitely work with your team if I had the opportunity. About the video's subject, I'm really sad that our chances of getting contact with an extraterrestrial civilization are so low... But I'd like to witness the end of Earth's humanity in order to see what discoveries we would have made until the "end". What a life it could have been in the early Universe, with many neighbors just at some light years away!!

  • ThanoSalt
    ThanoSalt 5 meses atrás +87

    For those who are curious as to why we won't be able to visibly detect galaxies outside the boarder, we first need to explain the process of red shift. Red shift is a process in which space itself is stretched due to dark energy (as stated in the video) which affects the frequency and wavelength of light as space is stretched so is the electromagnetic radiation of light, making it move to a lower frequency and higher wavelength. This is why there is a figurative border, once the electromagnetic radiation reaches such a low frequency, due to the distance of the source of light, it will be even harder to detect, and wouldn't even be visibly detectable because it would be similar to the frequency and wavelength of radio waves within the electromagnetic spectrum.

      JETT M THE BLUE DRAGON Mês atrás +1

      @LM Man no it’s not the part I’m being confused you are 😑all you say is Big Bang heat death but a question I have for you if you know everything so tell me anyware could be the beginning 😑 up down ? Left right? Front back and you say the universe WIl reach 0 kelvin but you fail to explain how can anything happen from the start if the universe as a whole was all ready in heat death or 0 kelvin from the start?😑I’m not confused it’s you that’s confused Beacuse you don’t understand 😑all you say is Big Bang and heat death but when somebody asks you HOW in the fabric of space the universe was created if their was nothing to be created in the first place ?😑also you can get something from nothing but only if you understand what nothing really is 😐death is just you entering a big snooze while being alive means to be awake from death 😐that’s how we came from nothing but what about the universe how can the ( entire ) universe of every galaxy be created if the universe had a beginning if their nothing to start any reactions?😑also just Beacuse the CMB has microwave radiation does NOT mean it was created from the Big Bang 😑just like the same microwave you cook your food in it’s not from a sudden explosion it’s just a form of energy and microwaves happen in the universe are naturally made nor from the Big Bang 14 billion years ago 😑also that’s the illusion of life life means to be awake from death or your endless sleep you don’t realize it Beacuse your alive but you only are a limited age physically but over all you have Ben dead for who knows how dam long before the day you were even born 😑

      JETT M THE BLUE DRAGON Mês atrás +1

      @Waffle gaming you really don’t get it do you ?😑

    • Waffle gaming
      Waffle gaming Mês atrás

      @JETT M THE BLUE DRAGON english please

  • BeardedAssailant
    BeardedAssailant 3 meses atrás +69

    Idk, 300 years ago I doubt any human could imagine what life would look like now and I read a lot of accounts from then. People often think that their age is the peak knowledge, and it always gets surpassed and left in the dust. I have no idea what the future will look like or how we will travel, but I have no doubts that humanity will figure it out eventually.
    Our understanding of the workings of the universe are simply lacking for us to imagine it now, hell we still don't even know what gravity is or why it occurs. I wouldn't be surprised if someone woke me millions of years into the future to tell me that we ended up creating new universes.

    • Asherek
      Asherek Mês atrás

      Assume we don't destroy ourselves or make our planet unhabitable for us. At no other point in human history have we had this much ability to wipe ourselves out too, remember.

    • Shadow Boom
      Shadow Boom Mês atrás +2

      True, finally a bit of hope in here. Also, we don’t even know for sure if current science is correct in its assessment of the universe, or in our current understanding of a universe fast slipping away.

    • Shadow Boom
      Shadow Boom Mês atrás +3

      @mega_ that’s a fair opinion, but it’s theology not science, so hinges on the existence (if at all) of a deity or deities, which can neither be proven nor disproven at the moment.

    • mega_
      mega_ Mês atrás

      @Don Solo we will never pass to our unverse, drink water while you're agreed

    • Don Solo
      Don Solo Mês atrás +9

      @mega_ spare me your theology viewpoints

  • Arthur J. Morningstar
    Arthur J. Morningstar 28 dias atrás +2

    I just... Love Kurzgesagt, every single video is amazing and I am glad this sentence can never be an exaggeration. The amount of thought, diligence and 'care' (truly) they put into this is exmplary. Idk i just wanna hug the whole team one day.

  • Ian Boydstun
    Ian Boydstun 11 meses atrás +3113

    Watching kurzegesagt is like having a 10 minute existential crisis, then calming down and going “that was fun, let’s do it again”

    • ZuRechtGefürchtet
      ZuRechtGefürchtet 9 meses atrás

      These videos never give me a crisis. They just get my creativity flowing with all the possibilities of the knowledge we have and the knowledge we will obtain over time.

    • DaisZ
      DaisZ 9 meses atrás

      Best way to describe it yes

    • raygunn13
      raygunn13 9 meses atrás

      @Isaac little or salvia 😂

    • Isaac little
      Isaac little 9 meses atrás +1

      Kurzegesagt = dmt 😮‍💨😂

    • SchnitzelBerry
      SchnitzelBerry 9 meses atrás +2

      @Guy Faux
      Bro I just finished my own existential crisis, gimme a few minutes geez

  • Brandon Hoelle
    Brandon Hoelle Mês atrás +2

    Thank you for being a beacon of integrity. I hope viewers realize how rare this virtue is today, especially in educational media. Keep up the good work. It’s not gone unnoticed. Thank you.

  • Juan Pablo Perez Bork
    Juan Pablo Perez Bork 2 meses atrás +5

    Ver este video realmente me voló la mente, en varios momentos casi se me caen las lágrimas. Es increíble lo infinitamente insignificante que somos y lo infinitamente importantes que nos sentimos, y para colmo como dice el vídeo estamos en el momento justo del tiempo como para ver el pasado y el futuro. Excelente video, muchísimas gracias

  • Kotoko
    Kotoko 4 meses atrás +7

    ON OF THE BEST VIDEOS EVER!!! I just dunno how I could thank you enough for what you do, for the time, you spend for making science accessible for everyone and over all, to show how science is WONDERFUL! Unfortunately most of teachers make students think it's a boring subject I really hate physic classes at school but I know how in reality, it's so beautiful and amazing. Honestly, it's one of the best channels EVER!!!

  • Jason Wheaton
    Jason Wheaton 2 meses atrás +10

    And there's always the question if any of this is actually true. There's still so much we don't understand that it's possible that our current understanding of the universe is flawed or even completely incorrect. We're seeing such a tiny snapshot in the grand scheme of the universe, and are interpreting it with such little way to actually prove it. Correlations we see could just be flukes In the seemingly endless expanse of our universe's lifespan.

    • Marky The Fox
      Marky The Fox 2 meses atrás

      Using math scientists have calculated the movement.

  • PDF_Humor
    PDF_Humor Anos atrás +13267

    They spend hundreds of hours making amazing content and end it with “sorry it took so long”. Best BRclip channel on the platform

    • Dg animatez
      Dg animatez Mês atrás

      not hundreds thousands around 1200 to be precise

    • Paweklekz
      Paweklekz 2 meses atrás

      "If you want to support our channel... " yep i heard that... Wait! "But do not feel obligated to" the only channel i heard that✨

    • Declan McHugh
      Declan McHugh 5 meses atrás

      @Democard I

    • Obi-wan kenobi
      Obi-wan kenobi 5 meses atrás


    • Doggo mmm
      Doggo mmm 7 meses atrás

      @Marc Salzman 90% of people in general make spelling errors, not just fault finders

  • Nicholas Malik
    Nicholas Malik 5 meses atrás +7

    It has been an amazing time watching this amazing channel change and grow into the spectacle that it is today, keep up the great work I'm with you all the way Kurzgesagt.

  • Bolo Renault
    Bolo Renault 27 dias atrás +1

    This channel is really very informative. Thank you for putting all of this information out there. I wonder if we are ever going to learn more about the nature of dark energy that will change our understanding of physics to the point that traveling outside of the Local Group will be more viable.

  • Ava Chabot Roy
    Ava Chabot Roy 3 meses atrás +3

    Thank you for helping to give me even a basic understanding of the most complicated parts in science and astrology! I would never have understood this concept 5 months ago, and I can safely say that most people dont think about this kind of stuff as often at the ripe old age of 12. Know that your listeners and the people you help are in a wide range of ages! Thank you, Kurzgesagt.

  • Michael Pietarila
    Michael Pietarila 5 meses atrás +3

    This channel never ceases to amaze me I hope you continue to make videos far into the future and personally I can’t wait to see the results

  • Galimeer5
    Galimeer5 Anos atrás +1994

    "Born too late to explore the world, born too early to explore the universe. Born just in time to realize that exploring the universe is logistically impossible."

    • 🌱Teak🌱
      🌱Teak🌱 7 dias atrás

      @Jacob Maloney Great minds think alike bro, my exact thought was that with wormholes we could still reach those distant parts, at least hypothetically. But by the time we manage to achieve that massive feat of both physics and engineering, the universe will have expanded to the point where it will mostly be those vast and empty voids instead of clusters of different galaxies. So even if humans manage to invent wormholes, we're far more likely to open one that goes directly to nothingness.

    • Majakathatha Production
      Majakathatha Production 18 dias atrás

      go inward - that universe is reachable

    • kevin Kurt talento Tablizo
      kevin Kurt talento Tablizo 2 meses atrás

      We're not alone in this universe so its not imposible to solve this topic there was something that will might help us to gather resources to explore the universe.

    • The Randomizor
      The Randomizor 2 meses atrás

      @Dog Poo Fairy I was thinking time travel to the beginning of the universe and release "grey goo" so that in modern time, the human empire would rule quite a bit

  • Wellllllllalalala
    Wellllllllalalala 2 meses atrás +22

    When I think of impossibilities I just remember that they said flying was impossible only 5-6 generations ago. I'm sure we'll figure it out, if we ever get there!

    • StarNight
      StarNight Mês atrás

      @The Phoenician exactly, even if we could travel at light speed which is basically impossible it still wouldn’t be possible

    • The Phoenician
      The Phoenician Mês atrás +2

      The difference there is that the Impossibility of flight was simply a statement. The impossibility of this is currently proven by relativity theory, so unless someone figures out how to crack that, it's hardly comparable.

  • Amy Roberts
    Amy Roberts 2 meses atrás +1

    How upsetting. I know I'll never get to see humans reach even another star system, but still, to know that there are boundaries we can never cross dispute knowing so much beyond them exists is upsetting.

  • crazycain
    crazycain 5 meses atrás +10

    Amazing to think that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on earth (not even counting planets) & when you look at the night sky you're are basically looking back in time. Still blows my mind to think about.. SO COOL!

  • Hudinski
    Hudinski Mês atrás +3

    You guys can't just keep reminding me of all the incredible stuff we'll all miss out on :(

  • Mradul Gupta
    Mradul Gupta Anos atrás +1698

    The biggest bummer to me is knowing that I'll never truly see how far humanity will go.
    It's like joining a game half way through and leaving before it ends. There's no closure to that.

    • Snúður Ferðalangur
      Snúður Ferðalangur Mês atrás

      @zeuanimals climate change is not going to remove humanity in our generation, no scientist ever claimed that

    • wren
      wren 2 meses atrás

      but what you can do is push humanity foreword in whatever ways you can. An apple tree doesn’t know if its seeds will survive for thousands of years or 200, but it doesn’t care. all it cares about is making sure the next generation of apples makes it, and that’s all you need to worry about as well.

    • wren
      wren 2 meses atrás

      @Bill Russell but i care right now, and that’s the important part

    • cant wait for this madness to end
      cant wait for this madness to end 6 meses atrás

      Well we are doomed anyway so none of this matters

  • Tonda Chlum
    Tonda Chlum 2 meses atrás +1

    i would love to see travel to nearby stars in my lifetime. i hope humanity can put its puny "national" problems behind and start cooperating on a planetary level in the future

  • The G.C.
    The G.C. 4 meses atrás +64

    This hurts the soul. To know so much is slipping away from our reach and that it could possibly contain the only other life forms in the universe, is actually kind of depressing.

    • Javier Vasquez
      Javier Vasquez Mês atrás +1

      @Jorj X. McKie
      There is no such thing as multiple universes nor can we travel back in time.
      As to the point, in all this planet we do not have enough resources to power any vehicle faster then the speed of light. Nor do we have the tech to prevent such vehicle from turning to nothing from the immense friction / pressure that such speed would produce.
      In short, we will be stuck in our solar system for at most millions of years. To even reach the next star in our galaxy will take thousands of years or whichever time frame it is. Realistically speaking it seems improbable we will ever explore 1% of our galaxy. In short, we can forget about other galaxies. Although it is fairytale in my opinion, wormholes or instant traveling of light years in seconds is the only way to ever achieve total exploration of this universe. Without it, the distances in space are just to vast and incomprehensible to even comprehend in our lifetime / billions of lifetimes.

    • Strengthen Noble Privileges
      Strengthen Noble Privileges Mês atrás

      @Jorj X. McKie You speak of the arrogance of certainty, I'm more concerned about the constant disparaging of what knowledge we have. It isn't complete, but it got us to the moon and back and that was a lifetime ago.
      If our knowledge was complete rubbish and littered with giant gaps that something so massive as 'you CAN go faster than the speed of light' could get through then we wouldn't have any functional technology at all, especially space tech.
      I would say we know enough to assert some things with confidence.
      Saying that the existence of innumerable universes cannot be ruled out is like speaking of god:
      1. You can't rule it out, because by it's very nature, evidence to the contrary is impossible to acquire
      2. Weather it exists or not, it has no impact on our reality whatsoever.

    • Strengthen Noble Privileges
      Strengthen Noble Privileges Mês atrás

      ​@Jorj X. McKie The difference between the universe and the pond is that the universe is the friggin' universe. In order for a comparative 'rock' size disturbance to radically alter the universe, it would need to be the size of galaxy clusters and even then it's barely going to put a dent into it, it's so massive.
      I'm sorry, but you can't just fall back to 'you never know, science doesn't know everything' and fill out the gaps with fairy tales. While it's true that science doesn't know everything, at this point, we figured out quite a lot.
      We know that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and even approaching it is nigh-impossible. We also know that the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light and thus, galaxies outside of the local group are getting away from us faster than even the fastest possible speed.

    • Strengthen Noble Privileges
      Strengthen Noble Privileges Mês atrás

      @Jorj X. McKie We do know enough. Even light cannot get there, so nothing else can either.
      And you might say 'oh but xyz years ago we didn't even think we could fly!' Yes, but other things could. Flight itself was not impossible. Nor was 'getting stuff around in space', because stuff goes around in space, we just had to get there.
      Intergalactic stuff? Not going to happen. Nothing moves around between galaxies (outside of their local group) Get over it.

    • Strengthen Noble Privileges
      Strengthen Noble Privileges Mês atrás +1

      We can barely make it to the planets closest to us. We are currently dreaming about sending people to *Mars* . I'd say we need not to worry about all the stuff that is beyond our *hypothetical* reach, while our realistic reach is such an infinitesimally tiny fraction of it.
      The scale of our Galaxy alone is so immense that we likely cannot get around to exhausting all of it before the heat death of the universe.

  • Heather Rockwell
    Heather Rockwell 2 meses atrás

    I take comfort in knowing that while humans may never explore further than a (relatively) small area, other species certainly will! As we speak, in some area we deem inaccessible, it's almost certain that a civilization is pioneering travel.

  • Mark Arthur
    Mark Arthur 5 meses atrás +3

    Oh my god,it,s like every video you make kurzgesagt always turns out to be amazing,like how you always make so many things funny and inspirational,just amazing.what l really,really liked about your video is that you remind us that we still have our local group to explore,full of galaxies,stars and planets.l really think a universe with a 10 million light year dianmeter is enough.even if we could travel at the speed of light.but eventually in 1 to 3 trillion years all the stars in our night sky will fade away,anyway awesome video,don,t change one thing.keep up the goooooooood work.

  • Karim Maassen
    Karim Maassen Anos atrás +8059

    Nothing like a good episode of Existential Crisis by Kurzgesagt.

    • its mali
      its mali 5 meses atrás


    • Angelic_Ocean
      Angelic_Ocean 5 meses atrás

      @TJ Visuals Oh my god same

    • TJ Visuals
      TJ Visuals 5 meses atrás

      @Angelic_Ocean I swear universe related episodes are most likely to cause a crisis than discussing death itself (at least to me)

    • Angelic_Ocean
      Angelic_Ocean 5 meses atrás +1

      Isn't every universe - related episode a existential crisis? I hope it's not just me.

  • Arkangel Arkangel
    Arkangel Arkangel 2 meses atrás

    This one fascinates me because it's hard for me to rap my head around the concept of looking out into the universe is equal to watching a movie billions of years old. Pretty crazy yet accurate concept.

  • Tomas Torres
    Tomas Torres 5 meses atrás

    So this means we will never be able to reach a civilizacion tier higher than about 5?
    Also could the universe be expanding at such speed because there is a high civilizacion harvesting and thus making its cluster space separation process faster?

  • mmdsjmf
    mmdsjmf Mês atrás +1

    I feel like we still dont know so much about the universe that it would be somewhat stupid(for lack of a better word) to hold ourselves in a box when we really dont know whats happening outside of our solar system

  • Nicolaj Bunting
    Nicolaj Bunting 4 meses atrás +1

    Would be interesting if you could make a video that focuses more on the scale between our local stellar neighbourhood, and the milky way. Showing the local bubble, and how it relates to other bubbles in the Orion spur, and what's nearby in the Perseus, and Sagittarius arms

  • rivques
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    The scariest part of this is that something like this might have already happened to us, and we have no idea we're missing something huge.

    • Macryne Jurilla
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      this i need someone to talk abt this. I KEEP ON THINKING ABOUT THESE

    • Simon Harris
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      @Simon Harris You didnt understand, there is more, a lot more, so much more.

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    Ashley 4 meses atrás

    i like how this video ended on a happy note about how we're lucky to live in the time we do, it turned a possible existential feeling into an appreciative one :-)

  • Joel Alex
    Joel Alex 27 dias atrás

    This channel is of such high quality. I am genuinely impressed.

  • Shattered Vessel (Shattered_Vessel)

    If people do end up inventing artificial worm holes like in one of their videos - it could be possible that we can just use them to cross that giant gap between spaces, it would be like loading an entirely new area of the map.

  • Zach Shpizner
    Zach Shpizner 4 meses atrás +2

    I like how at 1:36, you guys demonstrated that the cylinder outline around the local group was there to show a scale reference, having a diameter of 10m light years, and then immediately zoom out so the scale becomes irrelevant, and a few frames later, the same circle that was the base of the cylinder that we had just been told was 10m light years across now contains the whole observable universe.

  • SeanHodgins
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    The phrase "Our galaxy is certainly big enough to entertain humanity" gives serious existential crisis vibes.

    • kevin Kurt talento Tablizo
      kevin Kurt talento Tablizo 2 meses atrás

      Even scientist cant explain what was the time before big bang

    • kevin Kurt talento Tablizo
      kevin Kurt talento Tablizo 2 meses atrás

      We will never reach the end of something that is infinity cuz in every existance comes with every begining. how would u count that?

    • Wanderer628
      Wanderer628 6 meses atrás

      @Simple Key word is unless. So many people are cynical about Humanity's future because they spend 24/7 with their heads stuffed in the news reading every depressing thing happening every second across the planet and think that applies to everything.
      It's not naive or an optimist to be hopeful for Humanity's future. We make mistakes but it's always one step back two steps forward. We might have a dark age or regress slightly but it's temporary. As long as Humanity exists the advance of technology and development is unstoppable. If that's due to either Human greed or a desire to leave a better world for our children then it's up to you. The point however is indisputable.

    • Hayk
      Hayk 7 meses atrás

      Our lives are too short to care about even other stars let alone other galaxies, we will never see or be there.

    • Stop the Philosophical Zombies
      Stop the Philosophical Zombies 7 meses atrás

      @AsaelTheBeast I agree completely. I just acknowledge that we should have a foothold on Mars just in case there's something like a cataclysmic impact with Earth or something life-ending. Other than that I think we should put all our energy into solving the abundant crises that continue to plague our ever-expanding environmental footprint. My deep sense is that of most conservatives: that man is a fallen creature and that a tech-utopia will always remain beyond our grasp because of our fundamentally myopic nature. If AGI is a reality it will probably wipe us out just as scifi authors always predict. : )
      Edit: I do wonder if fusion would be a solution to our problems or actually the death-certificate to our species. Unlimited energy = unlimited growth.

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    thank you kurzgesagt, you left me with an existential crisis of something that will not change anything in my life.

  • Александр Бачинский

    It's an amazing video. If to think about all these things my mind starts running around. I regret that our society and I won't see what our civilization will look like, or what amazing things will be discovered. But still, we live in a wonderful time and we learned a lot of new things. Thanks for your work, see you in the next video

  • Tbcw42
    Tbcw42 3 dias atrás +1

    Perhaps this is foolish but I feel we shouldn't accept anything as being beyond our reach. With the number of times we've completely upended our understanding of physics and other sciences I feel even when we hit a barrier like this we shouldn't stop looking for a way to pass it. Even if we never find it I don't think we should ever stop looking for faster than light and other such fantastical technologies.

  • Quacklikaduck
    Quacklikaduck 4 meses atrás

    What if the universe stops expanding at a certain point and starts to collapse into itself? Or, what if the entire universe is just a small singularity in a black hole in another universe?

  • Karlos F
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    "In the future, they will think there is only one universe, created from their local big bang."
    - An ancient advanced civilization, trillions of years ago.

    • Dwayne
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    • Game Changer
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    • Im A Nerd
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      "In the future, they will think there is only one multiverse, created from their local bigger bang."
      - An ancient more advanced civilization, quintillions of years ago.

  • VoidDragon
    VoidDragon 3 meses atrás

    I imagine that a super advanced civilization could be able to artificially make stars. Assuming at that point we have basically limitless energy, we could fabricate extremely large cauntities of hydrogen gas into space, for it to be brought togethor.

  • TheGoldenBoot 5350
    TheGoldenBoot 5350 2 meses atrás

    The idea of floating through spacetime by yourself (your galaxy) is oddly terrifying

  • Cowtown Captain
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    this has always been my problem with science, just like the civilization that thinks there is only one galaxy and doesn't know about the theory of the big bang, there could be countless similar concepts lost to us that would shatter our current understanding of the history of the universe. I understand we are doing the best we can, I just hate that a LOT of scientists and science communicators refer to THEORIES like these as facts.

    • dsdy120
      dsdy120 Mês atrás

      @Snúður Ferðalangur yeah, that's an entirely ok way of referring to it

    • Snúður Ferðalangur
      Snúður Ferðalangur Mês atrás

      @dsdy120 well, since dark energy is hypothetical, it would call this a hypothesis, since there is not enough evidence to confirm

    • dsdy120
      dsdy120 4 meses atrás +2

      Not sure what you mean. These are the facts as we understand them. They match the reality we observe. That's what theory means, not what I'm guessing you think it means, which is actually a hypothesis, i.e. a guess before the observation / validation.
      We may definitely be missing something, and we almost certainly are in that very hot brief period between the Universe's birth and our current epoch, but anything we miss has to fit within the known gaps in our knowledge, because that knowledge is verified with observation.

  • Prem Nagarathnam
    Prem Nagarathnam 2 meses atrás

    Imagine making a video called "the speed computers will never reach" based on the mechanical physics of Babbage's Computing engine. Before new physics unlocked semiconductors and digital logic circuits unlocked modern computing. Similarly this is a good video for highlighting how far we can get based on engineering derived from relativistic physics, but physicists already know that's only a subset of physical possibilities. There are possibilities outside of spacetime, and as we better understand them, we will unlock new engineering tools to exploit them. Kinda hard to say we'll never get to these other galaxies, given that.

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon Anos atrás +850

    either way the only way to reach places that distant is to figure out a totally new way to travel which is far faster than light, so if we could ever go to the galaxies at that border we can most definitely go past it.

    • Adam Randall
      Adam Randall 11 meses atrás

      If they could build a ship that could even close to the speed of light then it is possible to travel to other galaxies within a single human life, just do not expect the earth to be still here when you get back because I think millions of years would have passed on your return.

    • Amar Catague
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      Heart of Gold anyone?

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    • Mark Garcia-Wilson🇺🇦
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      @clawyf never we are not that strong bruh we're weak we can't imaopct our little corner of the universe you think e canr reverse the expansion you're dreaming

    • Mark Garcia-Wilson🇺🇦
      Mark Garcia-Wilson🇺🇦 Anos atrás

      i don't think you udnerstand what he meant krusgesagt is saying even if we had science fiction technology we wouldn't be able cus its too far and moving very much aster than light also love ur vids

  • Elliot Andersen
    Elliot Andersen 4 meses atrás

    I think due to the nature of gravity everything will eventually get pulled back together again and start another Big Bang. All things are part of a circle of life.
    (I also think because of how dense the Big Bang was before exploding we are still “experiencing” it as time “slows down” around heavy masses objects, and what’s more heavy then everything in the universe all at once?)

  • IamCold
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    Idk if there is already a theory on this but imagine if when the universe reaches its limit for expanding that it begins receding and we can begin to see other galaxies again but will be doomed when it condenses

  • Brendan Rizzo
    Brendan Rizzo 2 meses atrás

    I was hoping you’d be talking about computing limits, like Bremermann’s limit and the Bekenstein bound. That would be an interesting topic.

  • Charlie Sanders
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    This video seems to be founded on the premise that we can never travel faster than light. Who's to say we can't find a way around that by making warp drive a reality, passing through another dimension, or even controlling time in our favor? It certainly wouldn't be the first time us humans have made science fiction a reality. If we can't do it we can make an AI so intelligent that it can find a way. Anything is possible.

    • StarNight
      StarNight Mês atrás

      It’s not, the video states that even if you could travel at the speed of light you wouldn’t be able to reach everything, let’s put it like this, if you’re 100 metres away from someone and you’re both running at 10 metres a second will you ever catch up?

  • MC189
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    • Spartan V0
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  • Torian Tee
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    If we achieve time travel, then we can definitely touch every corner of the universe.

  • kylen maple
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    In a weird way the universe is actually pretty small right now. From a single point you can basically observe the entire lifespan of the universe, making it seem digestible in that sense

  • NightBread
    NightBread 5 meses atrás

    The way light travels is a big property in why i think we haven’t found aliens yet. All of the habitable planets we found are very far away, which means that we couldn’t really see anything that would be of interest like city lights or space stations of some sort.

  • Tenshi Sora
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    I love content creators who can say “Hey, we were wrong, we are sorry for that. Here is a new video correcting our mistake.” It shows not only a high level of dedication but trust between content creators and their viewers. Bravo my friends, bravo! 😁

    • Altide
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      @Andréa Zidanni Well that fantasy seems more and more viable for each step we take, since humans are to low IQ to grasp any of it(and maybe that was ment to be). Not even our highest intelligent individuals have enough intelligence to understand 'reality'

    • FG PT
      FG PT Anos atrás +2

      Lol 90 percent of their videos are just unproven conjecture. It literally is based on hypotheses and not factual in any way. Tomorrow most of them will be disproven. I'd think people would watch these as imagination exercises and not like a scientifical cult

    • smart art
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      @Andréa Zidanni nah,its a team

    • Andréa Zidanni
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      I'm agree with you but there is one creator bruh! !

    • Altide
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      Soon they will realize it's even larger than what they think now, and edit it again

  • muskrat Ondatra
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    it occurred to me, if the big bang was an explosion with normal dynamics and physics, Then we would see a ripple anywhere in space seen as a pushing or pulling force on matter. Lets say the only reason we haven't seen it as the wave would be so large as how far we are from the center of the explosion the ripple may only be seen every 21,000 thousand years or something to large for our civilization to record with instruments that long. If you could determine the expanding ripple over distance and wavelength maybe you could look around a region for that time period EG 21,000 years to see the push and pull emitted. After looking it up it appears some scientists had the same idea and called it a gravitational wave lol. Imagine I studied this...

  • Super Stick Animations
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    4:28-- question, if we were to travel at light speed to a galaxy at the edge of our bubble and orbit around it AS it leaves the bubble, we could exit it, right? And go back using the same method? Doing these "galactic jumps", could we escape the observable universe and move on anywhere in the entire universe?
    Edit: oh I hadn't finished the video. But maybe after the expansion of the universe for a while, we can use new technology to split galaxies into smaller pieces and when it's too split up, just use new technology to pull the stars into nearby clusters and pull the clusters into a megagalaxy. By using the same jumping technology, you can pull out of reach parts of the galaxy back in.

  • Trevor Stuart
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    its really suprising how you can give us so much information in one single video, this is more information in 11 minutes then 1 year at school.

  • William Sutter
    William Sutter 26 dias atrás

    Doesn't this mean, since the galaxies are moving away from us faster than light, that the speed of light isn't quite as much of a cosmological speed limit as we thought? That faster than light travel is at least possible, even if we don't have that technology yet.

  • Soham
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    If humanity puts as much efforts as kurzgesagt puts in its videos it could easily cross the observable universe :D

    • Vinny V
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      I’ll take us being able to leave LEO with humans first

    • WinterNox
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      @Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel. Bruh

    • Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel.
      Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel. 11 meses atrás

      Repent to Jesus Christ!
      “Therefore, my dear friends, as you have always obeyed-not only in my presence, but now much more in my absence-continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling,”
      ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭2:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • WinterNox
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      @Underscored Frisk That's the theory of The Big Crunch which states it will end up in a huge collapse and start a new big bang

    • zoekmath
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      @tavan2 u got ratiod

  • Nova
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    Its insane to think that once there was nothing, then because of perfect conditions a galaxy grew, stars grew, and then planets! On a very special planet, Earth, the conditions were just perfect enough for single celled organisms to grow, leading to us. Everything you're seeing right now was a result of the universe expanding billions of years ago. Everything that has happened has led to all these societies, history as you know it, people, amazing people, like Albert Einstein, and others, all due to the massive expansion of the universe.

  • Faze Farischka
    Faze Farischka 4 meses atrás +1

    Question, warp drive was recently proven to be possible, do you think with it it would be possible to leave the local group?

  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson Mês atrás

    When it comes down to it, so much of science is speculation. We know so little about our universe. I feel like if we focused more on our own universe- our family, our home, our friends, and making OUR universe a better place- the whole world as we know it would become a better place!

  • Marshall
    Marshall 5 meses atrás

    Would FTL travel open the possibility of getting to these "out of reach" galaxies? I feel like even colonizing the local group wouldn't be plausible without some way to travel FTL.

  • MuffinMurderX_X
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    When they apologise for a mistake I didn't even know about, you know this is high quality content :)

    • Little Things in Japan
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      True. Very difficult to find such a professionalism recently.

    • Floro
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      @Darkfarfetch you're*

    • adin finitum
      adin finitum Anos atrás

      @The Ultimate Champion in my humble opinion, the flaw is in calling the derivatives of an incomplete theory TRUE... claims that are self defined to be TRUE are usually originating from religion rather than from science.... perhaps a more appropriate stance would be something like "assumptions based on what we know so far"
      in any case though, the unsubstantiated personal attack from Darkfarfetch is not adding anything of value to this discussion

    • YouTuber
      YouTuber Anos atrás

      Warp drive would help to get out of local group.

    • Darkfarfetch
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      @DXUBLE XXSPLICIT XXSPLICIT you must be the Karan

  • tyler gifford
    tyler gifford Mês atrás

    Webb is changing what we believe our “observable” universe is though, the problem with doubting human capabilities is they tend to prove you wrong in the best ways

  • Rene Granit
    Rene Granit 2 meses atrás

    Will be amazing how we look at the same question asked in hundreds of years. Because to this day we are still discovering completely new particles that could change literally everything

  • Eva Antalia Koudela
    Eva Antalia Koudela Mês atrás

    What's just occurred tome is that if we look at our 3D universe as the surface of a 4D sphere, then we could picture there being a black hole somewhere attracting all the galaxies to itself instead of dark matter. And then this is what creates the event horizon after all.

  • Hekutokku
    Hekutokku 5 meses atrás

    but doesn’t time warp at light speed, meaning you would reach your location instantly relative to yourself even if to everyone on earth it took millions of years? (assuming it is physically possible to reach it)

    • Paper Emu
      Paper Emu 5 meses atrás

      yes it would, but it IS physically impossible to reach it, because you need infinite energy to accelerate an object with mass to 100% speed of light.

  • Lionheart
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    I love how this channel presents the most depressing facts of the universe in a lighthearted way using ducks.
    *I am now subscribed.*

    • Lionheart
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      @Fringe Wizard I think you made a good point.

    • Fringe Wizard
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      @Lionheart if we can scale up quantum teleportation then we can travel the farthest reaches of the observable universe and beyond

    • Fringe Wizard
      Fringe Wizard 9 meses atrás +1

      These are NOT facts at all. I say this with confidence because our understanding of physics is incomplete.

    • Lionheart
      Lionheart 9 meses atrás

      @John Arnold because it's sad how we dream of traveling to other worlds in Science Fiction but actual science says we might never achieve that dream.

    • John Arnold
      John Arnold 9 meses atrás

      Why do you think it's depressing?

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  • Kamil Kazmierczak
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    Well, its fascinating and hard to wrap it around my head but the space and the universe has no beginning and no end same as the time. Whatever we see at the horizon through the telescope or even our naked eye is a history anyway cause in fact its just the light that finally reached us after millions or billions of years of traveling. With that being said there is no borders for time and space. The only limitation i see over here is our ability to comprehend the fact that there is no end of space and no beginning of time.

  • Jake Ryan
    Jake Ryan 4 meses atrás

    If moving faster than the speed of light ever becomes possible, would it change all of this? Or would the distance be so vast that it wouldn't matter.

  • Moon Cake
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    I feel honored to know what the future may never know, no matter how long it takes, i still feel honored.

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    8:38 Thinking about it, are we experiencing the same thing, as if there is a larger place where our ''Universe'' is a part of but then they are all moving away from each other due to the expansion of the UNIVERSE?

  • Håvard Johannessen
    Håvard Johannessen 4 meses atrás

    Your probably right in the assessment for our limit, but again for 200 years ago some scientists estimated that we would not be able to fly in the next 100 000 years.
    What makes me wonder, in 100 000 years will people look back at videos as this one and laugh or agree with the current knowledge?

  • Fan He
    Fan He 3 meses atrás

    It kind of resembles what you would see if those distant galaxies fall into a black hole - there light will be red shifted and gradually fades away (time dilation from an outside observer's perspective - and their information will not be retrieved by us anymore. This also explains the accelerated expansion of the universe, which resembles the acceleration when an object falls into a black hole. So, perhaps the universe is geometrically shaped like a ball where all the far spaces merge into a single point, and is falling into a hugh black hole. (There's no theoretical size limit on how big a black hole can get, and it just get bigger and bigger as it eats, so statically one of them could get so huge that all of the universe will be affected by it). Who knows, maybe the great attractor is a sign of its pull.

  • Brick76 ErickPhilhower
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    Hey guys. I just wanna let you know I love this show. And what you guys are doing is so cool and attractive. And makes me want to keep watching and learning.. I just turned my 15 year old niece on it and she can't stop. she is literally going through all the videos to catch up to where I'm at because I've watched pretty much all of your stuff. I want to thank you. keep up the good work. can't wait to see more. And possibly maybe one day meet 1 of you guys. And thank you personally. have a great day. wonderful day. Have a Kurzgesagt day.

  • Digo Rodriguez
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    You know this channel is good when it gets people to care about something that would never affect them at all in their lifetime. ^^

    • zhou sei
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      @Jesus is coming. Read the Gospel. just like it would be rude for someone to go onto a church service youtube video and talk about the various facts that make it unlikely for a creator god (like endogenous retroviruses), it is very rude for you to come onto a science vide and proselytize. shame on you.

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  • Nate Atwell
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    If someone at point A, could only see X far away, and the closest stars are just out of reach, could someone between point A and the closet stars still see them?
    Would faster than light travel change this limit, if a ship, a wormhole or something was created that could travel faster than the not only the speed of light but also the speed of the galaxies traveling away?
    What could exist in that other 94% of the universe we can't see? so many possibilities

  • Shane Yaw
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    I am so impressed by the depth and breadth of this hypothetical nonsense, especially since this must be absolutely true in the Aristotlean sense yet we cannot solve the problem of cancer or climate change.

  • iAmGoldpenguin
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    If we assume that technology will continue to improve at any rate (meaning even 1 percent) for the next 1000 years,as it has the last century then we can also assume that at some point humanity will find a way to move as fast as,if not faster than the speed of light using warp drives. The problem with observable and unobservable universe is that as we progress towards these technological advances even though the universes are still drifting away, we will eventually catch up to them technically speaking and be able to observe them again and given any amount of time humans as a species will evolve sooner or later and we will be able to colonize the entirety of space. That is unless we go extinct sometime between now and then,given were only on one planet right now that might not be a very hard thing to happen. This reminds me of the great filter,where many civilizations have tried to reach our near future but never have been able to. As big as the universe is youd think we would at least see something out there. Some form of intelligence or life even if it was microscopic,which there may be we just dont know yet. So long as we reach the capability to colonize another world succesfully,humanity will never cease to exist. There is too much bioengineering inside of us and intelligence as a species that we hold that would force us to survive against the circumstances. We quite literally evolved on a planet that used to have dinosaurs and was on average 40 degrees colder than it is now and we complain about the winter months now because we have to wear sweaters. I think this was a good video, and so long as nothing happens to us within the time it takes to learn advanced space travel then we as a species will continue to expand. If we dont then the great filter does probably exist, and some other population in a distant universe will be given another chance at this.

  • Kenny the Ripper
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    Finally I've felt that no matter how much you achieve, you can never learn everything and draw a conclusion...

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    Andrew Fewtrell 4 meses atrás

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