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Genetic Engineering Will Change Everything Forever - CRISPR

  • Publicado em 9 Ago 2016
  • Designer babies, the end of diseases, genetically modified humans that never age. Outrageous things that used to be science fiction are suddenly becoming reality. The only thing we know for sure is that things will change irreversibly.
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    - First genetically modified animal:
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    - chemicals produced by GMOs:
    - Flavr Savr Tomato:
    - First Human Engineering:
    - glowing fish:
    - CRISPR:
    - HIV cut from cells and rats with CRISPR:
    - first human CRISPR trials fighting cancer:
    first human CRISPR trial approved by Chinese for August 2016:
    - genetic diseases:
    - pregnancies with Down Syndrome terminated:
    ( 1999 European study)
    - CRISPR and aging:
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Comentários • 72 722

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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  • Travis Gibbs
    Travis Gibbs 2 anos atrás +10

    It's almost five years later and CRISPR has made a lot of progress, I would like to see a new video on this.

  • Tamara Epps
    Tamara Epps Anos atrás +3

    Honestly, knowing how our society works we may start by removing diseases and disability (as a disabled person this confuses me as I don't want anyone to have to live like I do, but also don't want disability to be even further from acceptable); but being able to 'upgrade' your child will come with a big price tag allowing rich people to give their children desirable traits that will likely increase their ability to gain more wealth, making the inequality gap even more vast than it already is.

  • Henry Waggoner

    As someone with a genetic disease, words cannot describe how much I wish I could live a normal life. Seriously, the amount of suffering we could eliminate with Genetic Engineering is astronomical.

  • Dominik H
    Dominik H  +580

    Dear Kurzgesagt Team,

  • NiftySquares
    NiftySquares Anos atrás +3

    "You're a laboratory experiment, Rogers. Everything that's special about you came from a bottle."

  • ChurroWaffles

    Man, I remember proposing something like this as a 5th grader for my science project and my teacher just laughed at my face. I wish she was more supportive as I would’ve probably went on to become a scientist instead of a nurse.

  • A Mildly Depressing Salad

    Imagine the day when doctors say "nothing serious its just a common case of cancer"

  • GBonSci
    GBonSci  +101

    I show this video in my class every year. It always sparks incredible debates within the class as to the extent that we should use genetic engineering in the future. Thank you for making this!

  • Timra
    Timra Anos atrás +750

    "I don't want a shot it's just a little cancer"

  • EkkulleN
    EkkulleN  +90

    This video litteraly made me choose my lifes path, I've studied biotechnics for 4 years now and will soon start working with Astrazeneca! Thank you Kurzgesagt

  • Darwinz
    Darwinz  +127


  • Iustitia Merchant XIV

    I firmly believe that moderation, upholding ethics, and respect for this science are paramount when dealing with it. This is awesome when used for good, but can be devastating when intended otherwise.

  • Seal Pup
    Seal Pup Anos atrás +6

    “Back in my day, Humans had a genetic disease called ‘aging’ ” “ok Zoomer.”

  • Xeroff
    Xeroff  +517

    If a man can live thousands of years we will advance as a spieces so far. Imagine not having to teach another generation from scratch about science for at least a few centuries.

  • Jared Kennedy
    Jared Kennedy Anos atrás +338

    With the opportunity to edit genes, at which point could you consider a person to in fact be a different species? Would it be linked to certain abilities, or environmental requirements?

  • Wuxi's Bei Yuan's Marta

    Three years ago I saw this video when I didn´t know what to study, thank to it I discovered what my passion was, now I´m studying Engineering in Biotechnology and in my classes we are seeing this specific topic, so I came to thank you. Keep it up with great videos!

  • Jonny y
    Jonny y  +33

    I feel this is a necessary step for us as a species considering the way we live. Every generation we are pushing farther and faster away from what our current biology is built for. This tech will let us quickly evolve to fit the future lifestyles of successive generations that will ultimately be way out of touch with our current biology.

  • Onewayticket 2

    In terms of diseases and genetic afflictions that can take a great toll on a persons life, I think genetic engineering might just be our savior. But if and when we do get to the point of genetic engineering being common, I am afraid we as humans will give into our worst inhibitions. Say you are able to edit your babies appearance before they are even born, I can’t imagine that ever going well with the current world we live in. Racism, colorism, classism, everything wrong with society will thrive in this environment.

  • Yahallo
    Yahallo Anos atrás +3

    Doctors in 2150: "Sorry but we can't add the rainbow eye feature to your baby. Its for premium users only".