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...And We'll Do it Again

  • Publicado em 6 Dez 2021
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  9 meses atrás +34595

    Hey Everybody.
    So as we said in the video, simplification and science communication go hand in hand - It is a balancing act that we take very seriously. As the media landscape has become more and more divided and fragmented in the last few years, we thought we just need to talk to you guys about it and just tell you what we think about it and how we handle it. In the spirit of transparency and just because some of you might want to know our approach.
    Science communication means that you make a selection of what and how to tell it. That you have to decide where to draw the line between details and simplifications to make a complicated subject understandable. We are still figuring out the best way to do this and are learning along the way. And we are able to do this because of you - Kurzgesagt is fundamentally fan funded.
    If you want to support us on our journey to figure this science communication thing out you can check out our shop, where we make scienc-y products designed with love and produced with care: shop.kurzgesagt.org/ We love bringing little pieces of knowledge into your home or classroom that inspire you to learn more about the universe in a little more detail. With every purchase you directly support what we do on this channel.
    Ok! Let us know what you think about this video and our approach! And what else you want to know about the weird world of science on BRclip.
    Thank you for watching and reading! - Philipp

    • Shiro
      Shiro 2 dias atrás

      I have zero complaints about your approach. I love the videos, while I'm smart enough to go through all the research on the subjects you talk about and learn all this information myself, I am far too lazy to do so. The videos provide me with a great foundation to start from on subjects I'm interested in learning more about, they also provide me a way to explain advanced scientific concepts to my 12 year old son in a simplified way and my baby daughter loves the infographics (she's a bit undeveloped for the sciencey stuff yet). I personally think you guys are doing great and important work, I have often thought that humanity in general are still far too controlled by our primal monkey brains for the advanced level of civilization we have created and that the only way forward is objective thinking, which scientific understanding helps to promote. Keep up the great work

    • 12ghvx
      12ghvx 4 dias atrás

      YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS! my brother that is 19 watch's this and he think's it's real so don't lie PLEASE! and I also unsubed because you lied

      SUNLIGHT 12 dias atrás

      wow u r good

    • E E
      E E 3 meses atrás

      WTF how did you rite so much also philipp is the name of my little broder

    • jeechrist neitan gadiana
      jeechrist neitan gadiana 4 meses atrás

      Im a 10 years-old and I know all about the solar system because of you

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter 9 meses atrás +28638

    This channel is the definition of quality over quantity. It Feels more of a high-budget show than a BRclip channel.

    • Enjoy your mind
      Enjoy your mind 28 dias atrás

      @Paco Pérez q

    • Jeremy's Closet
      Jeremy's Closet Mês atrás

      Takes more than 10 minutes to make a video like this one ladies and gentlemen

    • dark_dreamer
      dark_dreamer Mês atrás

      they said they are lie to use but they said even in this video so they are not actually telling lies

    • The explainer
      The explainer 2 meses atrás

      @secret unknown you went abit overkill

    • Syeda shamsia Nazneen
      Syeda shamsia Nazneen 2 meses atrás

      And it explains so well.

  • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
    Jintana Rawdsukumaal 7 meses atrás +1735

    Kurzgesagt : *activates brutal honesty mode and exposes that it lied to us*
    All of us : It's.....Acceptable

    • Jstwatchnread
      Jstwatchnread 14 dias atrás +1

      Its sad to realize that the "truth" itself is relative especially when we face the complicated world, and then we create digital system that depending on 1 & 0 value that represent anything into absolute true or false, something that make everything even more complicated..

    • paul YaYMaM
      paul YaYMaM Mês atrás +1

      You can go home lyle...

    • Bluepine Gaming
      Bluepine Gaming Mês atrás

      Its acceptable:)

    • Absolute tv
      Absolute tv Mês atrás

      Now 969 likes

  • The Moonswind Witch
    The Moonswind Witch 4 meses atrás +545

    One of the most dangerous ideas that’s become common in society is this idea that changing your opinion on something makes you a hypocrite. It doesn’t. It just means you learned new information that you didn’t have before.
    We are all _constantly_ changing and learning more about the world around us, from the moment we take our first breath, to the moment we take our last.
    Nobody knows absolutely _everything_ about anything. If you went your entire life without changing your opinions on things, you never truly lived.

    • Jack M
      Jack M 17 dias atrás

      Tf 😭😭😭💀

    • José Ángel
      José Ángel 26 dias atrás +1

      @Fran F Well, I can't trust what other people say without any solid proof, otherwise I could turn into a useful idiot.

    • José Ángel
      José Ángel 27 dias atrás +1

      @Fran F A politician in campaigning will say ANYTHING to win. Remember how Obama said he would codify abortion but once elected he said "Not the priority of my administration"?. I judge you by your actions, not your words. Talk is cheap, doing not so much. Your change have to be consistent after you supposedly claimed you changed. Show don't tell.

    • Fran F
      Fran F Mês atrás

      @José Ángel "only change your mind when benefit you" I think it is even more subtle than that. You became convinced that what benefits you is actually correct because you only see the world from your perspective.

  • RAN
    RAN 7 meses atrás +416

    This lying process is very difficult to do well. The lie has to be told in a way that when you seek out the full truth you think "oh, I get why they explained that way" and not "they lied to me!!"

  • not a super specific username at all

    most youtubers: im extremely sorry.. i didnt mean it! it was just a simple lie! 😭😭
    Kurzgesagt: we lied to you. and we'll do it again.

  • KoutetsuSteel
    KoutetsuSteel 9 meses atrás +2986

    I think this everytime I watch a Kurzgesagt video: I would play the heck out of a simulation game that uses the art style and charm of this channel.

    • Janthecoo
      Janthecoo Mês atrás

      @Coe l GIMME GIMME

    • Archana Sampath
      Archana Sampath 9 meses atrás


    • Ahmad Arif
      Ahmad Arif 9 meses atrás

      Yeah i would love too

    • TheSilenceBehindSounds
      TheSilenceBehindSounds 9 meses atrás

      @TsukiMaru omg that would be insane!!

    • ArmsRaceMaster
      ArmsRaceMaster 9 meses atrás

      Reus, these vids always remind me of that game.

  • Angga Wibi
    Angga Wibi 4 meses atrás +63

    To be honest, this channel is one of a few that makes me interested in Science. If I found this channel when I'm in high school, probably I'm gonna pick a science for my primary study. Thanks for making this kind of videos, and please don't stop

  • I'm Strange
    I'm Strange 7 meses atrás +9

    It's really hard to believe that kurzgesagt is not a duck and that there is real person reading this story for us behind the scenes. Thank you kurzgesagt team

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller 7 meses atrás +53

    I Have been watching your videos for years, and wanted to just say "Thank you " You have both givin' me Exestintal crisis and guided me away from them. You have givin' me the passion to pursue some subjects and read into them as well as answer some common questions about specific topics. You guys are amazing, and help me become a future philosopher.

    • Reda Akn
      Reda Akn 6 meses atrás +1

      It's given, not givin'

  • MyGaming&More
    MyGaming&More 7 meses atrás +21

    The simplified version itself is not easy to explain based on real facts of science. You guys are making the best quality videos. thank you for enlighting us with such a fun way to learn something new.

  • BlueJay
    BlueJay 9 meses atrás +3672

    When you described, "Lies to Children," the chemical engineer in me thought to myself, "Oh yeah, like electron shell models!"
    It made me so happy to see you used that example for yourself later, Kurzgesagt really covers all their bases! Much love for this fantastic channel.

    • Dani Southall
      Dani Southall 3 meses atrás

      Electron shell models are exactly what came to my mind too! Did aerospace eng, but do have a chemistry A level... it hurt my brain a bit so I leaned away from more chem heavy eng degrees 🤣

    • Noka Noka
      Noka Noka 4 meses atrás

      Wdym electron shells are fake, you're implying the solar system like model? In my college chem I am taught that the orbit is more 3d with quantum numbers, Am i missing something

    • sukmawadi sulistyo
      sukmawadi sulistyo 7 meses atrás


    • amagicmuffin
      amagicmuffin 9 meses atrás

      @Lucky i learned that it was an approximation in my high school chem class last year and I'm in the US.

    • Efraim
      Efraim 9 meses atrás


  • George Noodles
    George Noodles 3 meses atrás +17

    Hello kurzgesagt! I'm a student with learning difficulties (adhd, sensory issues) and your videos help me so much in getting my brain interested in learning! The graphics and the stories you tell are wonderful and really do help me and other neurodivergent people!! Thank you so much for all you do ❤❤

    • Aldo de rose
      Aldo de rose 3 meses atrás +1

      Keep it up, you're doing great! 🙂

  • Mikey
    Mikey 7 meses atrás +14

    Just by following the channel throughout all these years, anyone with some basic communication knowledge would've guessed this video by the way Kurzgesagt exposes several standpoints, sources, the kindness, care and philosophy behind it.
    Supporting this channel is meaningful in so many ways.

  • Firelord Zuko
    Firelord Zuko 7 meses atrás +5

    This channel represents my own take on science, research, and knowledge. Passionate research for the truth and trying to understand the world around you is what sparked humanity's greatest discoveries and inventions. I have loved this channel so much since its inception. Way to go guys, you rock! Keep "lighting up the darkness".

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson 6 meses atrás +2

    I love astronomy and seeing your videos have such a positive impact on my desire to learn more in that field of science. Thank you!

    LNT GAMES 9 meses atrás +22959

    “Science is not the truth. Science is finding the truth. When science changes its opinion, it didn’t lie to you. It learned more.”

    • cyberDevil
      cyberDevil 16 dias atrás

      That's very true indeed.

    • Kacper Maliglowka
      Kacper Maliglowka 16 dias atrás

      Umm idk

    • Lumbini Ashutosh Tambat
      Lumbini Ashutosh Tambat 19 dias atrás

      ie. We learned more

    • LightShamana
      LightShamana 2 meses atrás

      Science is the evolution of knowledge and should be accept like that. Not put in the pedestal as infallible absolut. It is approximate not truth.

  • Natty features everything
    Natty features everything 3 meses atrás +1

    love what you guys do no one is infallible and it takes intelligence and courage to recognize that

  • ThatOneQuokka
    ThatOneQuokka 7 meses atrás +12

    I feel like these videos should be apart of some kind of paid Netflix documentary series or something. The quality is insanely good and ill always be a supporter of Kurzgesagt

  • The Therran Native
    The Therran Native 7 meses atrás +5

    You do a fantastic job, guys. I have the gist of a _lot_ of topics I was completely unfamiliar with before I started watching your masterpieces. I might not understand with them with any real depth, but I feel like I have enough of a picture that I can start piecing things together and figuring them out. And they make me see the world in a wonderful new light. Everything is interesting when you look at it from the right angle.

  • Matthew Weitzner
    Matthew Weitzner 7 meses atrás +25

    That more-realistic particle model is really cool, I choose that simplification for how I'll think about the universe

  • Gavin La Rue
    Gavin La Rue 9 meses atrás +1592

    This channel, over 5 years ago now, quite literally inspired me to pursue a Ph. D in physics of which I am currently a 2nd year graduate student in a physics Ph. D program. The videos you all produce, the stories you tell, and the framework you use to present ideas in a simplified but not too simplified manner spark a curiosity in me and others that no other channel has captured quite as well.
    I have to thank you for affecting my life as much you all have and I always look forward to your videos!

    • Birb (RCRCS)
      Birb (RCRCS) Mês atrás

      @Despacito Spider giga

    • IsAMank
      IsAMank 9 meses atrás

      Physics is truly some crazy shit, best of luck in your endeavors!

    • WolfGamesLetsPlay
      WolfGamesLetsPlay 9 meses atrás +3

      Ya know, das kinda pog right there. Btw I wanna study microbiology

    • gbriel 46
      gbriel 46 9 meses atrás +2

      i'm currently in my second to last year of the high school equivalent of my country, and even thoughit does not invest much in science and things like that, this channel along with a fez others have inspired me to actually study physics... i currently study some random things in math and physics as a hobby, but i am excited to actually go to college and study more in depth some topics, and i feel happy knowing im not the only one who got inspired to do physics by this channel... good luck on your PHD bro, i see you maybe in a lecture you might do, or whatever... i hope we can maybe work toguether on the future or something like that... would be really awesome!

      DISCIPLE OF THE BATMAN 9 meses atrás

      My man you gotta send us through a blackhole or something..

  • Hayden Hoodless
    Hayden Hoodless Mês atrás +2

    Personally, I love the concept. There's so much information around that it's wonderful to be able to get a window into all these different sciences and digest some knowledge. For example, many of the subjects Kurzgesagt makes videos on I would never have much active interest in, like biology, but I know that watching Kurzgesagt videos are interesting, and Iove the artwork and have a vague idea of how the immune system operates. The truth is that while science is incredibly interesting in it's overriding themes, it's often presented to people who might actually develop an interest in bland and boring ways, often focusing on small details rather than what it really means. Not many people will sit through a lecture presented by a monotone individual, nor will they remember much apart from the core points, unless they revisit the lecture many times, but these 10 minute videos present the core ideas. If I'm interested in a particular idea, I can go search up more information on it. Overall, it means I develop knowledge that I most likely would have never done, like how weird Neutron stars are and that killer T-cells exist.

  • Xtraktor
    Xtraktor 6 meses atrás +1

    The Kurzgesagt motto is basically "Well, it's complicated."

  • Ben Nelsen
    Ben Nelsen Mês atrás

    I flippin love you guys. Absolutely stellar educational content. I can’t imagine how many future scientists you have inspired.

  • M D
    M D 7 meses atrás +1

    i was in med school when i started watching this amazing channel. im now a first year doctor and all i can say it's been a joy to be entertained with oversimplifications of complex information that ties neatly in such a gorgeously illustrated narrative.
    this channel has sparked back my interest in learning about space, an area i long gave up in undergrad when i realized i was miserable learning all the math in physics! (cardiovascular physiology is enough for me, thanks)
    so thank you for your videos helping reach others and helping them become excited about science again

  • CineMarTiN
    CineMarTiN 7 meses atrás +1

    I recently found out about this channel, and I am very glad that it happened. Thank you for enlightening us !

  • strether52
    strether52 14 dias atrás

    This excellent video reminds me of a thought experiment I often perform: I try to picture what the quantum world "really" looks like, as far as I understand it.
    Zooming in on a nucleus I see an incomprehensible tangled gray mass of vibrating strings. Zooming out to take in the atom, I see these masses collected into a tiny, lonely dot surrounded by huge flitting spheres of electrons in superposition. Zooming further out to take in more atoms, I see that each one becomes a pinpoint bathed in photons and neutrinos, which at this scale appear as a thin, roiling mist.
    But the whole thing is dark and colorless and resembles nothing I've ever seen with my actual eyes. To think that this is the reality I move through--and worse, that reality I'm MADE OF--is shocking and a bit horrifying.
    Here's my point: given my limited education, this is best I can do, and even this, I know, is a hopeless oversimplification; but the image AND the knowledge of its distortions keep me humble about what I know. I try to remember that these distortions apply to every process I know, from evolution to cell division to urban traffic patterns.
    Thanks to Kurzgesagt for confirming that my little thought experiment, however dumb, isn't a bad thing to keep trying to do and improve.

  • Chris
    Chris 7 meses atrás +1

    Learning and understanding are some of the most worthwhile things we can do in life. But you really hit the nail on the head when you said "the universe doesn't care if we understand it or not." Thank you so much for all your efforts!

  • Twnya Kat
    Twnya Kat 5 meses atrás

    So much love and care in every video. 💕 this team definitely holds a warm place in our hearts.

  • tk check
    tk check 9 meses atrás +4053

    "Do not confuse the description with reality" "The universe doesn't care if we understand it." This is good stuff.

    • Dasch Byers
      Dasch Byers 9 meses atrás

      @BlueFire Animations Well now we explore the question, what is life? Because scientists struggle to define life. At the heart of it it seems to just be a chemical reaction. Which is also the mechanism that produces stars and everything in space. It's easy to assume its not the same but when you really look at the "definitions" of life they can easily apply to things most people wouldn't classify as living.
      Really what I'm saying is we don't know so speaking in "facts" saying "there's nothing biological in space" and the universe isn't a life form is really an empty statement.
      Also you said the scale ends at the Earth, implying that Earth is a biological life form but nothing else is, even other planets?

    • BlueFire Animations
      BlueFire Animations 9 meses atrás

      @Dasch Byers As far as I can tell it's confined to 1 planet as far as the biological stuff goes. There's nothing biological in the middle of space, so I think the scale goes to the size of Earth then stops.
      And with the claims the other few people are making in this thread about the universe being conscious (how? It's not a life form of any kind, there's no order at all), I really doubt your claims.

    • Kyouhyung Kim
      Kyouhyung Kim 9 meses atrás +1

      More important than that, it doesn't care if we got our "feelings hurt" by it. Something we often seem to forget or disagree on.

    • bigsmall246
      bigsmall246 9 meses atrás

      All models are wrong. Some are useful.

    • JefusLives
      JefusLives 9 meses atrás +1

      Technically, we are the universe trying to understand itself.

  • Flamingo Vlogs
    Flamingo Vlogs 7 meses atrás +2

    These guys deserve every single subscriber they have. Their videos may be a bit complicated but even at a young age they are easy to understand. Their visuals also add a lot to the video and never leave me un-interested.

  • Mallk238
    Mallk238 7 meses atrás +3

    your videos have been showing up in my recommended for a while now, and while I have clicked on one or two of them, I've always been wary of these kinds of videos because of that issue of oversimplification. I can respect that you acknowledge this problem, and are evidently taking measures to mitigate any major damage that can happen from it! Very cute video and unfortunately you are correct, until we can figure out how to project knowledge into our brains so we all know exactly what the other means...the problems with simplifying a complex field of study are not ideal, but unavoidable.

  • Gary Schasteen
    Gary Schasteen 7 meses atrás +1

    Appreciate all you do! Thanks for sharing your intention and process and for expressing transparency! I imagine a lot goes on behind the scenes for each 10 minute video. Work at a place where a lot of work goes into creating a final simplified hopefully useful thing and It's not always obvious how much work, trial and error, actually went it's making. Much appreciation to you!

  • MetalAbyssmodeo
    MetalAbyssmodeo 6 meses atrás

    Kurzgesagt, thanks for giving me a high-quality show to watch while eating or resting from a long day at work, science is always entertaining, physics are something amazing and all the topics that you cover are truly human (in the sense that I feel very... human... watching each episode). I have a rule about subscribing (the rule is - "Just don't, ever.") but your channel made me break it AND ring that lil' bell. Not more than a handful of channels have the honour of making me say "yes Daddy" to the like/share/subscribe part of the experience. Thank you for being worth my time, you folks are great.

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 9 meses atrás +22358

    But who’s going to stop the biggest lie in the universe:
    “I have read and I accept the terms and conditions”

    • Schlugel
      Schlugel 6 meses atrás

      Hello checkmark

    • qdr129
      qdr129 9 meses atrás

      @ShortHax lol

    • Amaratsu
      Amaratsu 9 meses atrás

      How tf is this dude everywhere.

    • Dumbshit Mule
      Dumbshit Mule 9 meses atrás

      @Jesus is Lord foolish nonsense _sprays you with water bottle like a misbehaving cat_

    • Dumbshit Mule
      Dumbshit Mule 9 meses atrás

      @Tomfoolery wut

  • raven lord
    raven lord 7 meses atrás +9

    This reminds me of the Wired series "explaining in 5 levels of difficulty". Determining what information to give and in how much detail to give it is all about context.

  • Leandro Biera
    Leandro Biera 7 meses atrás

    This channel really sparks my curiosity, as he exactly said. I knew this channel in pandemic 2020, and I loved it immediately

  • Rajendra
    Rajendra 6 meses atrás

    You read my mind Kurzgesagt! I loveeee science and astronomy. I share your every video I like with my family and friends! I love your videos! The animation, the explanation, even your voice!!! is PURRRRFECT! Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Boyah
    Boyah 5 meses atrás +2

    Please let's make sure this channel stays around 👏🌍

  • Aesthics
    Aesthics 9 meses atrás +40940

    This channel is such a net positive for humanity

    • Schlugel
      Schlugel 6 meses atrás

      @S D you immediately lost all credibility when you used the word "normies"

    • frogman
      frogman 6 meses atrás

      How do you spell "Mother"?

    • Jo-Marley
      Jo-Marley 7 meses atrás


    • Zedekiah Takali
      Zedekiah Takali 7 meses atrás

      Why does the reply sections of comments on these videos some of the most toxic I have ever seen?

  • star forge
    star forge 6 meses atrás

    I’m gonna be honest kurgesagt and Phillip, when I first saw this video it honestly left me confused and befuddled about science communication and how it works, and I also wasn’t sure how to tell what was and isn’t a simplification in your videos and I am still trying to find a way to tell the difference but I’m glad that you guys wrote this comment as it helped me clear up a lot of things, like what the main topic of this video is. But now I think I understand how this whole science commutation works, or at least a superficial mindset of how it works as there is no way I have it all figured out. But anyway thank you for leaving this comment as it helped me clear up some things in my head and keep up the absolutely amazing work you guys!!!!

  • Norman of the Tempest
    Norman of the Tempest 4 meses atrás +1

    "Our intuition that evolved to protect us from lions but is no longer suited to the complexity of our modern world" - A profound statement. Requires a lot of reflection to be able to admit to yourself this weakness.

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes 4 meses atrás

    I absolutely love your animated depictions. Thanks for providing this for us

  • 💚Aesthetic🍀
    💚Aesthetic🍀 6 meses atrás +1

    This video took definetley more than 2 months and let me tell you how amazing it turns out every time!🤩

  • CS Ghost Animation
    CS Ghost Animation 9 meses atrás +994

    I really like the thrust vectoring animated on 8:41. Nice detail

    • Super Luigi
      Super Luigi 9 meses atrás

      It's the cool guy

    • Laiyemo Boys
      Laiyemo Boys 9 meses atrás

      Or every 15 secs.

    • Laiyemo Boys
      Laiyemo Boys 9 meses atrás

      His likes are going up every minute.

    • Linda Edvardsson
      Linda Edvardsson 9 meses atrás +1

      @Cobean 469 😂😂👌🏼

    • Cobean 469
      Cobean 469 9 meses atrás +18

      This is like seeing Arnold swarchnegger getting groceries

  • JustScarly
    JustScarly Mês atrás +2

    You guys are great! Instead of watching mindless BRclip and stranger thing theory’s I watch these videos instead, my science teacher loves your videos and I showed my mum the video about beauty and she liked it too!

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      @Leah Hammond Thanks , am going to look that up - Am not sure if it is the same piece of work but someone else in this thread referred to Kant's work
      I was reminded of the philosophy of the ideal from Plato as in no one can truly get to the ideal form of a thing , but only reproduce copies of it that hope to come close. ( from what I remember reading as an example, all tables are representations of an the idea of a table but no one is the true "ideal" table )
      there is a lot of humility in that idea - that reality can never be truly known , but it can be approached , i.e. always something to learn ;)

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    Many times I see on the internet, in most discussions or arguments, the reductive act of simplifying complex issues down to these little talking points. Cooking away nuance. Its a human weakness I know, but I wish we didn't do it. And yet its hard to get people to engage with complex issues that cant be broken down into a soundbite and easily solved. Reducing things down to binary choices is perhaps the worst aspect of this. I wish it was something humans could keep in mind. But alas...

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      Sorry brother, but it was meant to be hilarious from the start. I used extreme times of _(6years and 70 years)_ to make it a bit comedic.
      I was actually surprised why everyone took it seriously. And seeing the comments here, I think either the BRclip, or social media as a whole, has become toxic or maybe I have become a boomer for not being active on social media due to my studies.
      It's kinda uncanny... like kids quarreling over something that won't give them anything. But looking at the demographics of channel's content, I guess it's understandable. But you know, it's not mature, to comment on other's personality. Calling them 'ridiculous' or things similar to that.
      Hope you understand.

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    A mention if a video is about one of the the current theories would be nice as well. Because now often you don't really know if it is an astablished fact or just one of the working theories.
    And then you can also make a sort of summary video pitting theory's against eachother, discussing one or more diffrences depending of how long that would take.
    Like you say, summeries and building on them.

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    "Don't confuse the description of a thing for the thing itself", reminds me of an analogy in Taoism or Buddhism, it's to express a similar idea, but what it says is like, don't mix up the finger pointing at the moon with the moon itself, with the finger being the words and the moon being the actual thing/idea that the teacher is trying to teach you. It's like how we can regard Tractatus as just a tool for us to get Wittgenstein's ideas, a tool which we should abandon once we understand the true idea.

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    "Lies for kids". I stumbled upon this term when reading the science of Discworld series, the parts written by Ian Stewart an Jack Cohen (excellent books btw.). Explanation required a bit of simplification sometimes, and a critical look on simplification always shows that something went missing in the process of simplification (if not, it wouldn't be simple).
    It's a bit harsh to call it a lie, but on the other hand might be necessary to make it more clear what can be expected from 10 minute videos (and what not). There are so many excellent videos these days (significant part of them from kurzgesagt), but sometimes it's good to remind people that watching some videos does not replace years of studying.
    And I was quite surprised you rely so much on the viewers, I hoped you'd get significant money from german public tv.

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    I trust someone who says “this is my answer, it may be wrong” far better than someone who says “this is THE answer, don’t bother checking”

    • JonathanScarlet
      JonathanScarlet 9 meses atrás

      @Keith Milner "are you making the argument here that people are too politically polarized and extremist?
      If so, I would agree."
      Yes, insofar as people on both sides (although imo the left moreso than the right), both ordinary people and politicians alike, are framing it so extremely that it's almost impossible to reach a middle ground to talk on.
      "And the issue of Climate Change and what should be done about it has become part of that political radicalization with people taking increasingly extremist positions on both sides."
      Exactly. And in turn, those radicalized people are forcing others on both sides to turn radical, either in agreement or because they view the already-radicalized as so crazy that being just as radical in the opposite direction is the only viable option to counter them.
      "The Science behind Climate change is NOT up for question, unless one has other Science which conflicts with or disproves it.
      Science is not rendered incorrect by people making dishonest or ignorance-based claims on BRclip comments sections. it is not invalidated by false claims about Scientists "not listening to other voices" or "their models not being correct".
      Whatever opinion or belief one has about the results of Scientific endeavor does not change those results."
      If we are talking the science of climate change in the long, epoch-spanning time of the geological clock, then I would agree. If we are talking about how our short-term changes to the climate (whether incidental or intentional) are in turn affecting that long-term geo-clock, then I would be rather skeptical as to whether or not we've made any significant, long-term impact at all. I will not and cannot deny the immediate (right now and through our lifetime) and short-term (a couple generations) effects, but beyond that I just don't see any basis.
      I agree that ignorant fools in youtube comments don't change the results that science has given us. However, it is still viable for such commenters to point out when the scientific community has potentially silenced studies that prove the prevailing theories wrong, or when the created models do not actually reflect the reality they seek to represent--especially when we cannot trace the failure to us actively attempting to positively prove it wrong, if that makes sense.
      If a scientist has conducted a study on, say, the amount of solid, unbroken ice in the Arctic which either definitively disproves all current knowledge and/or has had enough peers attempt and fail to falsify the results, yet such a paper/s is not made accessible to the public through news or any publication, that is a problem. Of course, if there are problems with how the study was conducted which make its conclusions unverifiable/falsifiable, that is a valid reason to not show it to the world or take it down after publication, but I'm assuming for my example that no such problems exist.
      Likewise, if a group of scientists has made a 10-year model of, say, US carbon emissions without change vs. certain emission reducing technologies that are subsequently properly implemented nationwide, and in two years it is very clear that the obtained data does not match the expected values of that model, it is fair to say the model does not work and should not be referenced as being successful; that isn't to say it isn't useful to refer to it to improve and make a better one, but it shouldn't be held up as the correct one when it very clearly isn't.
      "And the results are, overwhelmingly, that man is causing a significant and potentially dangerous shift in climate patterns."
      As stated earlier, I won't deny it's potentially dangerous and significant. What I don't believe is that it is either able to fundamentally alter the geological climate in any long-term sense, or that the situation is so dire that plans such as the Green New Deal are the only viable option (much less an option at all).
      "The politics should really only come in deciding whether we need to do anything abot it, what we need to do about it, both individually and collectively, and how any changes need to be rolled out.
      The bottom line is: there's a difference between Climate Science and Climate Activism or other political forms of expression.
      The fact that politicians (and their shills) are attacking the Science, rather than doing their jobs and setting policy and legislation, is rather telling."
      I agree that politics shouldn't be involved until all results are in and the outcomes, should nothing be done, are clear. Although, at least in regards to this topic, it is maddening that so much focus is put on whatever the US has or hasn't done, while far worse countries like India or China appear to receive very little pressure or actual need to address these problems, whether by adopting cleaner means of burning fossil fuels or going to less pollutive measures (nuclear, etc.)
      I also agree that climate science and climate activism are and should be two different things.
      However, I believe that politicians should be allowed to question (or "attack") the science, insofar as they are well within their rights to seek proof that the science in question was done rigorously and properly, just as any of us are/should be. It is unfair to expect them to blindly accept any science paper or whatever and then make policy decisions off of it without any chance to ensure it's correct. It is just as bad to enact policy based on erroneous science as it is to refuse to enact policy based on proper science.
      Also, "You believe in X political thing and therefore I would rather see corroborating studies from less biased sources" is vastly different from "You believe in X political thing therefore your science has no basis to be believed". I don't know who, if anyone, has made either statement, but there is a distinction between the two that I feel like many people don't bother to make.
      Wishing to ensure biases, political or otherwise, are not involved in the science should not be frowned upon. I would agree that there are plenty of people out there who would use this as an excuse to stonewall the distribution of necessary findings, but that does not make such a stance inherently bad. However, stating that you or your science have a politically-motivated purpose (or whatever the case may be) and are invalidated because of that is wrong and should not be allowed to stand.

    • JonathanScarlet
      JonathanScarlet 9 meses atrás

      @JRK "It is not the problem of non-citizens of a country to "take on" those countries that are "more problematic" like China and India. They have to deal with their issues, separately (ultimately speaking), though hopefully they'd realize the importance of reaching out with hat in hand and asking for some advice when they need it (likewise with any other nation). Just because Johnny takes bigger, also-stinky shits, doesn't mean Jack doesn't have to deal with his own stinky shit too."
      No, we as ordinary citizens of the US shouldn't be tackling China or India. The people of power and influence in our government should be using any and all peaceful attempts to pressure them into handling those problems properly. Us citizens of the US should be pushing our officials to take that stance, alongside properly fixing our domestic problems.
      The problem is, the "Biden" administration (which honestly really isn't Biden's, but w/e) hasn't been doing that. And imo the only recent admin that's tried is Trump's.
      "Others aren't LITERALLY shoving shit down your throat either. "
      Yes, saying "literally" was a slight exaggeration, but I can't help but think of it that way when any non-conservative-leaning news media is either actively telling us to do that shit, subtly (or not) gaslighting us about it, or saying that we're wrong for not doing it. Sure, they're not actually running up to me and shoving their talking points down my throat to regurgitate to everyone else I see, but it's about the next best thing given their media avenues.
      "And it is guaranteed at least 50% a problem of the receiver's attitude than it is of the giver's manner of proposal. (In fact, the common assertion used by anti-Leftists is "people usually aren't intending offense, it's really the offended that are taking too much offense -- i.e. lacking thick skin" in more or less words -- the same philosophy can also ring true with your attitude about people shoving down your throat anything you don't like. Can't have it both ways, and also, get over it please. Yes, all manner of discussion everywhere can benefit from better exuberance of *good manners*, but that's kind of a universal wisdom that's always been applicable to anyone)."
      Average Leftist: You all should be cleaner and more energy-efficient and do what our side says!
      Average Rightist: Well, this is how I think I should go about things instead, which is going to get me there as well.
      Rightist: HOly shit, what is your problem?! I'm not going to listen to a madperson's point of view, so get away from me and don't bother me!
      Leftist, later, to other leftists: Wow, he's just so thin-skinned and can't handle my words and facts!
      Now yes, this is a cariacture and exaggeration. And I'm well aware that you can flip the right/left terms and have similar arguments from the other side. THe issue is that there are far more leftists who take this approach (or don't even start with the "nicer" opening) than there are rightists; and it feels to me like many of the rightists who would give the crazy start do so because leftists pushed them so far that they think they -have- to act/react that way.
      Me telling you that I don't agree with your or your party's line of thinking, and your response is anything like the above (or even as simple as casually insulting myself and not the argument I've presented); that's the kind of reaction that's been more pervasive on the left/liberal side than the right. Being told that you're any number of "x-ist's" or "x-phobic's" or that any opinion is "x-ism" almost purely because it doesn't agree with the other side won't help your cause.
      Also, just because a conversation needs two people doesn't make your opening words any less important. There may be an onus on the receiver to have an amiable and respectful response, but that doesn't mean they have to respectfully sit there and listen to you hurl abuse.
      "The solutions put forth for the energy demand (the big part of our problems) have not actually been "unreasonable" or even drastic. But otherwise feasibility is always an issue and I agree there, but again, who's doing more of the wholesale attack and exhibiting bad faith and poor attitude? It isn't the side you think it is."
      The Green New Deal demands that basically all usage of oil and natural gas ends within 5-10 years or so, which is nearly impossible to do when there is no ready alternative yet.
      Also, it's still who I think it is that's exhibiting bad faith: The leftist/liberal side. Even if the ordinary left-leaning Joe on the street isn't like that, the liberal political leaders are, and from there the people who whole-heartedly believe in their words and actions follow suit. 'Course, there's plenty of RINO's on the right who only play-act at being there, but.

    • JonathanScarlet
      JonathanScarlet 9 meses atrás

      @JRK "You cannot truly look at things objectively (though it is admirable for us all to do so), especially without much of the data at hand. It is not preposterous to think we can change the "natural cycle" relatively quickly at all (we've levelled huge swaths of environments and tossed up entire layers of ocean and atmosphere in the spans of years & decades, even centuries, which is a blip in geo time). And, going by unofficial reports of US gov't activity and admittedly-biased reports on China's CCP (though tbf anything they report is touting their own horn), we've also begun directly (as well as indirectly) influencing weather patterns (for the purposes of agriculture and all that)."
      I have no doubts that short-term changes have happened, both in relation to human time and geo time. In fact, I'm not even surprised there have been attempts at "small" scale weather manipulation, whether for crops or for anything larger.
      The issue I have with the general fanaticism is that it's still small both in scale and in time. Will there undoubtedly be changes and fluctuations due to our meddling in the near future? Absolutely. I don't deny that. But if we want to draw that out into geologic time then it has to be a change that will reverberate out over hundreds of thousands to millions of years as a near-irrevocable change that nature cannot "fix" once humanity is gone. And that I don't believe has happened yet.
      It could still happen, yes, but I doubt the current, real chances of that are even higher than the single digits, if they're even more than 1%. It'll likely get higher if we let China and India and the -real- problem countries run roughshod with inefficient and polluting coal usage, much less literally covering the oceans in trash, but I find it very hard to believe it's so immediate and pressing for any and all the radical shit they want to impose on us "for our own good" or any other tripe. not even the fact that there won't be any obvious, direct signs of the impact makes that justifiable.
      "It is also preposterous that both pro- and anti-climate change proponents, even the scientific ones -- and especially the anti- ones -- presume to know what the last few natural cycles have been, to a T. But that doesn't work AGAINST the pro- argument; it doesnt' make a difference at all, because whether man-made or not, slowly losing land on the coast, losing lots of safe breathable air, becoming less tolerant of the very sun which gives life -- all of that is starting to happen right now."
      I would hazard many of the anti-CC people who aren't in the scientific community are that way because the pro-CC are so fanatical and radical in pushing their agenda that they want no part of it. Obviously there will be those who are well-versed enough to be against it, or are anti-CC to be trolls or otherwise just be shitty people, though.
      And yes, those things are likely happening as we speak, over years and years and generation over generation. Working to reverse them should be a high priority. But telling the US--and, in effect, the entire world--to cold-turkey quit what has sustained our electric power and economy for centuries with zero reliable backups or means to maintain either the current economy or the inevitable decline due to the decrease in shipping quantity is economic suicide, and should be both political and social suicide as well. Nevermind that we'll still need to keep coal and natural gas around as backups for when more renewable sources fail or aren't enough.
      All the fearmongering in the world, justified or not, pales in comparison to the needs of the ordinary citizen needing an affordable gas-powered car to reliably get from point A to point B. Electric cars are still too expensive (though they are getting cheaper, IIRC), and I have no idea as to whether or not the current power grid can or will be able to handle the needs of hundreds of millions of electric cars year-to-year. You also may need to convince people to give up their privately-owned vehicles which they bought and paid/are paying for and maintain on their own and switch to public mass transit, which is a tall order itself. And that's just a couple problems.
      "Human beings are weak and pathetic, but we can do shit and the best shit we can do is fuck things up real quick (which, as I almost hinted at elsewhere in this thread, is part of the Generational Problem: people fucking things up for the next gen, and the next gen fucking up the traditions that came before them -- all part of information not being passed or learnt 100% "correctly" and people doing things w/o knowing why)."
      You'll get no argument from me here. What's worse is that the censorship of any opposing ideas feels like it's worse now than it's ever been. And it feels like any attempt to discuss information that, right or wrong, goes against what is the "preferred" narrative that we're presented with is censored and removed without a chance at discourse. It continually baffles me that, even if the pro-CC people are 1000000% correct in every single current prediction--or, to be a bit more relevant to the current day, anyone who's super-pro-Corona shot or fervently listens to Mr. Fauci and thinks their word is literal fact and law--why not let those who disagree actually voice their arguments? If they're just factually wrong on every count, it does little harm to actually hear what they have to say and counter every point. There will be people who will listen and believe them, obviously, but because the pro-CC-ers have the factual truth on their side, their opponents can never win so long as the truth is expressed.

    • JRK
      JRK 9 meses atrás

      @JonathanScarlet Since BRclip commenting chains suck, I shall quote the post I'm responding to:
      "this only makes sense if you’ve already decided that we have not reached a consensus. Otherwise this seems like a fairly obvious example of a consensus to anyone else. "
      As I understand science, such things should always be questioned and questioned and then questioned some more until the heat death of the universe. I would hazard that no matter how much of a consensus exists for climate change, it is not so completely understood or infallible as to be above arguing about it or questioning it. It is not like, say, the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System vs. the Geocentric Model, for which the proof of the former is effectively irrefutable.
      "It seems your primary issue is political rather than scientific considering you’re demonstrating a pretty poor understanding of it."
      If I have any sort of political implications, it's only because political actors on the pro-change side have tried to figuratively or literally shove that shit down my throat and make me believe it's true. Or they're sitting on a bed of sound logic but then coming up with drastic, unreasonable, or nationally devastating conclusions and plans to fix it. And then they attack anyone who questions them about the feasibility of their plans. And refuse to talk about or take on countries that are more problematic about this issue than the US such as China or India.
      /end quote
      It is not the problem of non-citizens of a country to "take on" those countries that are "more problematic" like China and India. They have to deal with their issues, separately (ultimately speaking), though hopefully they'd realize the importance of reaching out with hat in hand and asking for some advice when they need it (likewise with any other nation). Just because Johnny takes bigger, also-stinky shits, doesn't mean Jack doesn't have to deal with his own stinky shit too.
      Others aren't LITERALLY shoving shit down your throat either. And it is guaranteed at least 50% a problem of the receiver's attitude than it is of the giver's manner of proposal. (In fact, the common assertion used by anti-Leftists is "people usually aren't intending offense, it's really the offended that are taking too much offense -- i.e. lacking thick skin" in more or less words -- the same philosophy can also ring true with your attitude about people shoving down your throat anything you don't like. Can't have it both ways, and also, get over it please. Yes, all manner of discussion everywhere can benefit from better exuberance of *good manners*, but that's kind of a universal wisdom that's always been applicable to anyone).
      The solutions put forth for the energy demand (the big part of our problems) have not actually been "unreasonable" or even drastic. But otherwise feasibility is always an issue and I agree there, but again, who's doing more of the wholesale attack and exhibiting bad faith and poor attitude? It isn't the side *you* think it is.

  • Joshua Someones
    Joshua Someones 3 meses atrás

    Just found this and I had to add that I fell into the trap of thinking I understood something and so lept to conclusions that were wrong.
    I always found science interesting and always researched. Then I would find out about dark matter for example and would say it is just a bunch of junk. No one could believe in dark matter. Then later in life I found out that I didn't know what it actually was and the point of calling it dark matter was the fact that we didn't know what it was.
    I started to realize that I never really looked into things when I disagreed, I would just skip it. After this I started looking up all my old disagreements about science and actually researched what it was that I didn't agree with. More often then not, I just never knew how it worked to begin with. The rest of the time I found that the subject was a lot more complicated than I thought.

  • David Baney
    David Baney 7 meses atrás +1

    I don't think it's lieing when you give information in steps to make it easier to understand.

  • RE BG
    RE BG Mês atrás

    It's lovely to see how much kurzgesagt cares about their viewers.

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      ...i agree though. especially with stuff like string theory. the fundamental concept, afaik, is that every particle is made by "strings" vibrating in different ways. i always see it visualized as literal strings wobbling back and forth. but strings (the macro scale kind) require a force propagating through many different particles in order to do that. so i have no idea what the "vibrations" actually are, and have never seen anything about that

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      @Silas Hedeboe i also never said that i dont view this critically so quite frankly youre just... Putting words in my mouth which i dont appreciate. Of course you need more than one source, you say that like im not someone whos interested in science and knows to read more than one paper on a topic and spend more than 10 minutes on research.
      I just believe that dragging people down because they start here and telling them that learning is hard and a chore when they are just starting out and having fun is one of the worst things one can do. All youre doing is ruining someones fun and making them feel like they are invalid because theyve not gotten to the bad bit yet. So let people learn on a surface level, its still learning. People with shallow knowledge that can be taught by experts are better than people that gave up on knowledge and refuse to listen to experts.

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      It might be a language thing... The whole "studying" and "learning" thing since english is not my first language but i hope i made myself clearer

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    Often, I find myself in a confused state about a certain fact and why it works the way it does because something was taught in a simplified manor only to fail a question on a quiz later down the line because nobody ever remembered to re-explain how the system actually works.
    Honestly, having a *model disclaimer on some of these things like "*predicted look of dinosaurs" or "this part does not always maintain drawn form(see chapter 995 for advanced details)" would help allot when studying these subjects.
    It's almost like the "it's actually cake" meme. You think it is solid until you find out it isn't. Like buying steel beams to hold up your house only to find that they are squishy.

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      This video is their response to critics: "you're stupid children and we know better".

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