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What if the World turned to Gold? - The Gold Apocalypse

  • Publicado em 8 Mar 2021
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    Let us explore the scientific mystery of what would happen to you, if Earth suddenly turned into gold! The “Midaspocalypse”, based on the ancient tale of King Midas who was cursed so everything he touched turned into gold.
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    The Map of Evolution and other beautiful sciency posters, researched and designed with love, are now available on the kurzgesagt shop. Our shop is the best way to support us directly and keep our videos free for everyone.

  • The New Travel
    The New Travel Anos atrás +81

    I like how they take a random stoner idea and turn it into a well-researched and insightful video


    The moral of the story is, never underestimate Kurzegsats ability to turn any scenario, into the most gruesome end of the world story you can imagine

  • Suzu Ran

    Lesson: Midas should have wished for an element with 30% of the atomic weight of gold. Like maybe copper. Which is pretty useful and valuable too

  • Tim T
    Tim T  +642

    This channel has such life-affirming and positive scenarios, doesn't it.

  • JustVibin
    JustVibin  +133

    This channel is like Vsauce's more stable cousin. Both wonderful kinds of scientific "what if" explanations.

  • Random Gamer

    For the second option, rearranging the peotons neutrons, etc, since gold is more neutron heavy than the elements that make up most of the earth, such as hydrogen, carbon, iron, etc, eventually you would run out of neutrons to create gold atoms, which would create several very unstable radioisotopes that would decay immediately and probably set off a chain reaction.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Anos atrás +17

    Thank you for FINALLY addressing magic.

  • Andrew Corll

    What I like about this video more than anything is that it shows that one thing cannot happen or change without another thing happening or changing, until whatever necessary cycle is complete. In many fiction stories, or just general concepts people have, a "what if' is asked, but the real conclusions or consequences are not actually considered. This is an enormous pet peeve of mine. I love "what if" stories, or asking "what if" questions...but all of the consequences have to be considered, or you're not really answering the question, or showing what would really happen. This is a great video. I love all Kurzgesagt videos.

  • Romella Karmey

    I really appreciate the effort and hardword into producing these quality animation and educational videos that people of all ages can enjoy. I just felt like I should be paying a monthly subscription and felt guilty not doing so because these videos are top-notch quality and it's uploaded on BRclip and can be watched for FREE.

  • Morgan Morgans

    I leaned that once again our world doesn't need magic to be an amazing place. Our imagination and a lot of math can make some of the best stories even better. Thanks Kurzgesagt for another great thought provoking video that uses real world physics in the most interesting ways

  • WitheredNull

    I love how jolly the music is while hes talking about planetary extinction

  • Adithyan Bharat

    This was far more entertaining than i expected.

  • jiggleflarb
    jiggleflarb Anos atrás +4

    My new favorite Kurzgesagt quote: "if you learned anything, please let us know what it was"

  • Tornyos Gergő

    I rewatched this 50 times, still really love the writing and the animation. It just amuses me. Kurzgesagt research euros very well spent.

  • CA Gray
    CA Gray  +16

    We learned that earth is more valuable to humans than gold - a lesson worth remembering. Thank you 🙏

  • Thomas's Things

    I particularly love how this was animated, especially

  • James Lench

    I love you guys at Kurzgesagt - not only because we share the same sense of humour, but your wit is dry and you can get salty too (basically; you're nuts!)

  • Mohammad Hasan Amir poor.r

    Keep up the good work. I personally thank you for all of this research and I hope you will be able to continue your work

  • バンジョベンジ
    バンジョベンジ Anos atrás +2

    "Gold is 22 times denser than a duck."