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You Are Not Where You Think You Are

  • Publicado em 16 Mai 2022
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    Look around you. Where are you? Where is this place you are occupying? Somewhere in a room, maybe in a city on a continent on a planet orbiting a star in a galaxy among billions. But… where is all of that? While this may feel like a daft question, it turns out that the concept of an absolute position is something humans made up.
    In a nutshell, the universe is a big bag of space that has things in it. If someone removed all these things, the stars and planets and black holes and dust, there would just be empty space left. In empty space, the concept of having a position loses all meaning. Empty space is uniform, the same everywhere.
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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  • DefendTheHouse

    Maybe the best visualization of this topic ever. Animation team is insane.

  • samuel zachariev

    I love how Kurzgesagt has started finishing their videos with a really positive message that makes you feel better about the 5 minutes of existential horror you’ve just experienced

  • Wazax
    Wazax  +1

    Imagine back at school, having every Kurzgesagt video as science class

  • Firenzar Frenzy

    My favourite thing about Kurzgesagt videos other than the videos themselves as a whole, are the small details.

  • Acid Spino
    Acid Spino  +531

    I love how there’s always a part to calm down our anxiety at the end 😂

  • Gammonboi69

    This has BY FAR my absolute favourite animation out of everything you’ve ever done. Seeing GRIS on the wall at

  • Jim Browning

    I am in awe of your animations. Brilliantly well done as always Kurzgesagt.

  • Dhawal
    Dhawal  +347

    "Nothing can stop you from being right at the center of your own little universe." This was simply beautiful 💙🙏

  • Kenn McFarland

    Kurzgesagt, one subject that I think needs a lot of clearing up and explanation is entropy.

  • Jacob E
    Jacob E  +1

    A chillingly realistic portrayal of the experience of a parent (of any sex, for that matter) not being able to be with their child, in an alienated foreign environment. I felt strong empathy with the mother, indicating how well the film was made and acted.

  • Alden
    Alden  +185

    I've blown a few minds by walking friends through the thought experiment of imagining an empty universe, without any frame of reference, then imagining a single object in that space without any way of comparing it's attributes to anything else. It's a good way of beginning to explain relativity.

  • HomeGun Maker

    I always think that the whole universe on a macroscopic level might be, like, one particle of a bigger being, or one cell of an organism, or one particle of a bigger universe, where simple actions take billions of years from our perspective. Which explains why the inhabitants of that bigger universe will never understand every little component of that universe (since our microscopic world would be ultra-microscopic to them, and the minimum “resolution” they can see is one particle which is the size of our universe.)

  • Graxclez. exe

    Kurzgesagt is honestly one of the precious gems formed on the internet, so much effort put into amazing animation, sounds, research, and much more. Thank you guys for you what do.

  • Alberto Laccourreye

    It makes me so happy to know that people get together to bring projects like this channel to life. I hope that other brilliant people get inspired by your work; creating beautiful, unique and educational masterpieces for the sake of everyone’s benefit.

  • Cock & Ball Torture

    I’ve been watching this channel for the longest time. Every video is simply so beautiful. The patience in the narrator’s voice, the exquisite animation, and the way of explanation all together makes every video perfect. Hands down the best channel on the entirety of BRclip.

  • Knalle Ballkalle

    I just love listening to whatever Kurtz is talking about, keeps me sane

  • Patrick McCaffrey

    Your animation team has really been pushing the envelope with their craft! Last few videos have seen a noticeable improvement in quality - and that's saying a lot considering that your videos are ALWAYS animated really well! Amazing

  • Widget
    Widget  +2

    Absolutely love the progression of the animation style. I've been following this channel since it's first year and I can safely say I'm always ever more in love with each new upload

  • Aqsa Azam

    I love the fact that the animated galactic filament is like the nervous system in our bodies. We really are small beings in a greater divine being. And brownie points for coining 'Cosmic humility'. Absolutely breathtaking!