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The Limited Edition Dinosaur Calendar - Now And Then Never Again

  • Publicado em 18 Out 2021
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Comentários • 1 621

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    The 12,022 Calendar is sold out check out more scienc-y products created with love here:

  • Frogo_
    Frogo_  +2

    Even when it’s a small video, there is still so much effort put into the animations. None of these videos disappoint.

  • yagadoobeegadaba

    Never bought anything from a youtube channel before, didn’t think my first item would be a calendar but this is totally awesome

  • Ludoviajante

    I'm from Brazil so unfortunately I can't buy (the dollar here is expensive)
    , but I will keep following and promoting the videos as I can.

  • absence
    absence  +314

    This type of crowdfunding creates such a strong and trustworthy bond between the community and kurzgesagt, i love it.

  • ThePavoReality

    Just ordered the new calendar. This will be the fourth year in a row. It's becoming quite a habit. Absolutely adore the art and really appreciate the effort that goes into it. Thank you!

  • HiHiTheHiHi

    I got my calendar yesterday, it is really high quality and looks beautiful, thank you for making it so awesome!

  • AmWompist
    AmWompist  +166

    I finally convinced my parents to let me buy the calendar!!! (plus a deep-sea poster) I'm so happy that I was able to finally contribute at least a small part to the channel.

  • JustLixian
    JustLixian  +613

    "As the year 12, 021 is coming to an end"

  • Ciryial
    Ciryial  +19

    In 4 years, my husband and I never bought the calendar, either we didn't have the money or it was out of stock when we had. So this year, I bought it as soon as possible and didn't say a word to him. He is passionate by dinosaurs since childhood, I know with work he forgot to order it. It's gonna be the cutest surprise ever and we can finally help the channel, yeaaaaah !

  • FireAngelZero

    This is the 3rd year I’ve ordered these calendars and I’m always happy with the quality. Glad to support your work!

  • Caesar
    Caesar  +10

    It's so surreal hearing Kurz saying "uh" in "Life, uh, finds a way", Steve's voice is always so precise and intentional

  • Benjamin Santangelo

    They may need to release this OST separately.

  • SmileFright®

    I realized that most BRcliprs prepared what their viewers prepared for them. That is touching!

  • ReynoZeno

    Yo the work that gets put into everything they do is unreal. Every little detail is so cool and their videos are crazy as hell. I wish I could buy some merch, but I will always watch your videos and support you guys

  • Professor Koopa

    Ich finde, ihr habt es verdient, den größten Kanal in BRclip-Deutschland zu haben. Eure Videos sind extrem informativ und bringen einem immer wieder etwas neues bei.

  • WildFyreful

    My dad bought your limited edition calendar for the first time this year. He only discovered your channel this year so he was a bit sad he missed your Human Era calendar, but he bought this one to admire the art and support your channel (which he loves by the way).

  • Jazz the dinosaur

    Mine just arrived and I am super happy with it. From your videos to your merch, everything you guys do is high quality.

  • Universal_Wisdom

    The art work and animations are just SO good and I’d love to see an informative cartoon for kids or something with this style of art work.

  • Andro-X
    Andro-X  +125

    Ah yes, Dinosaurs calendar.