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The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

  • Publicado em 18 Mar 2020
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    A huge thanks to the experts who helped us on short notice with the video. Especially “Our World in Data”, the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic.
    In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. This virus is the “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2”, that causes the disease called COVID19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus.
    What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?
    Sources & further reading: sites.google.com/view/sources...
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    • Memecraft
      Memecraft 11 dias atrás

      What stage are we on in Covid if there are on stages?

    • Arki
      Arki Mês atrás


    • Danny Richards
      Danny Richards Mês atrás

      Thx 4 sharing

    • vivo vivo
      vivo vivo 3 meses atrás

      And what about Malaysia?

  • Hasan
    Hasan 2 anos atrás +797

    I think it's cool how some of the birds had bags under their eyes, just goes to show how much time and effort they put in to get this video out as quickly as possible to inform us. You guys definitely deserve a break lol, thanks for looking out for us.

    • Paúl
      Paúl 2 anos atrás +4

      Thank you for this ❤

    • Blue Dragon
      Blue Dragon 2 anos atrás +8

      Yea, in your video about making videos, y'all said it takes about 1200 hours to make a single video. That's crazy, so props to you guys for making this video in such short notice.

    • Amelia Bee
      Amelia Bee 2 anos atrás +18

      That was a nice touch, it's clear they worked very hard on this. Thanks, Kurzgesagt 💜

  • Andrei Filip
    Andrei Filip 8 meses atrás +623

    Man, watching this in january 2022 is sad.. we were so determined and willing to face the challenge in the beginning.. it really felt like it was in each and every one of us's hands. But then it turned out it wasn't really, and we were swept away in an avalanche of miscommunication, stupid decisions and human nature..

    • ArbiterAK
      ArbiterAK 9 dias atrás

      @Ryosuke Yagami *Trump Supporter

    • Ryosuke Yagami
      Ryosuke Yagami 15 dias atrás

      @GucciBanana09 * Biden supporter

    • Matt Lapierre
      Matt Lapierre Mês atrás

      *You* were determined and willing to face the challenge. Saying "we" reduces this to an "us vs them" scenario, because pandemic response has been politicized for some reason. This sort of talk alienates entrenches everyone further.
      The "we" was your immediate cohort, though I can hazard a guess that there were also a good number of folks within that cohort (either familial or peer-group) who were selfish and short-sighted, and ran opposite to you.
      The pandemic should serve as a reminder that there is no *we*. All you know is how you act and react. You can guess as to how others (even those you know well) will (re)act, but trying to sort people into discrete groups will never work - people aren't logical; people aren't discrete. The sooner that the idea of the nuance inherent within the human condition can be remembered, the sooner we all can get back on track.

  • Gilded Throne
    Gilded Throne 8 meses atrás +253

    Infinetly better than how the general media explained it.

    • bumba
      bumba Mês atrás


    • Simon Johansen
      Simon Johansen 4 meses atrás +1

      that is often the case, I tended to get nauseous or dizzy or at least uncomfortable when hearing descriptions of how diseases work until I started watching Kurzgesagt's videos on the topic

    • JamozMyNamoz
      JamozMyNamoz 4 meses atrás +1


    • timo modric
      timo modric 7 meses atrás +4


  • Hamster Munchies
    Hamster Munchies 6 meses atrás +156

    It's interesting how much the symptoms vary. For me I had bad thirst, feeling like there is water in my ears and very severe body pain, especially in my back. If it wasn't for a positive test I wouldn't of thought I had covid at all

    • John Wig
      John Wig Mês atrás

      Depends on many factors especially the variant. I had a young relative pass away while i had one of a kind fever and fatigue

    • Sunshine
      Sunshine Mês atrás

      Hi, i also got the virus. It was like in January 2021 i was in full protection mode but still one day, i got a fever of 101 Fahrenheit. My parents were scared and so was I. The fever wasn't going away so my mom gave me an antibiotic thinking it will work. Sadly, they don't effect viruses and the fever continued. In that condition with 101 Fahrenheit fever i went to doctor. She sent me for a blood test and the results came next day. I had COVID. I was really scared but my doctor told to not be scared. She gave me some meds and asked me to stay on quarantine for a week. And tbh, that was it. On my first day of quarantine, i just had a bit fever rising to 99 Fahrenheit and after taking meds it was gone. From 2nd to 7th day i was just having cough and i completed all 3 seasons of stranger things that time since I was feeling fine and fever never returned after 1st day. My parents used to bring me food and water at my door and all i had to do was pick the food, eat, watch Netflix, sleep and repeat. That was my case lol.

    • Vane
      Vane Mês atrás

      I had fever for 2 days ,cough and throat pain after and now i m good. Still kinda lazy tho

    • KillaCatzGames
      KillaCatzGames 2 meses atrás

      I only got a sore throat and coughing and then recovered literally 3 days later.

    • Rebirth Gang
      Rebirth Gang 2 meses atrás

      I just felt tired and had A mild cough, the symptoms only lasted 5 days

  • Waffle
    Waffle 4 dias atrás

    It's interesting how much the symptoms vary. Some people test positive and have really mild symptoms for two or three days, and some have lifelong problems. I personally had positive tests for ten days and the symptoms of a mild respiratory infection.

  • Matchington 1
    Matchington 1 2 anos atrás +1801

    As an actual cashier at a large grocery store for whom “working from home” is not an option - yes, please stay at home as much as you can. You do not need to stockpile more food than you can possibly consume. Just stay calm, because flooding the grocery stores and buying everything makes the problem much, much worse.

    • Tanbira Hakla
      Tanbira Hakla 7 meses atrás

      @Xayproxx345 to sana ako sa

    • MI Mi
      MI Mi 7 meses atrás

      Aisha from Everglow 🤔🆒️

    • Janie Kate
      Janie Kate 2 anos atrás

      Gabe Merritt yes, but the world is going topsy turvy right now and the only way to handle people panic buying is to also stock Up on food, because they are going to keep doing it and there’s no chance that something you need will be in the stores. And what if your sick and can’t go to the grocery store and there’s no one to help you? I guess you will just starve to death.

    • Unholy Neon
      Unholy Neon 2 anos atrás

      Dan Kidd it’s true though, the way he said it was too harsh, but it’s not wrong to say that the people working at the grocery stores, those at the frontline essentially, are the most at risk and likely aren’t and won’t be compensated enough for risking their health and that of their close ones. It’s simply another manifestation of the rich vs. poor phenomenon. You won’t see someone like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk caring about any of this all that much since they’re much safer than those frontline workers thanks to their money. So call it what you want, it’s tragically true regardless and has been for ages...

  • IMA_Psykopath PSN
    IMA_Psykopath PSN 2 meses atrás +50

    I just got tested positive for it. My throat is sore, I have a runny nose, pressure in my lymph nodes and ears, a headache and fatigue. For me the flu was worse last time I had it. But I’m also only on day 2 or 3. It started as headache, then a cough and now today I have the symptoms I described. This is not fun to have, get vaccinated if you can.
    edit: after about 5 days I’m finished with it. I still have an occasional cough, but nothing else.

    • Tidamrr Good
      Tidamrr Good Mês atrás

      Same here mate

    • Bruce
      Bruce Mês atrás +6

      @Стрелоски and where's your medical degree to say so?

    • Стрелоски
      Стрелоски Mês atrás +1

      Y’all just have the flu calm down 😂

  • Iseal you
    Iseal you 2 meses atrás +17

    I love how much uncertainty is in this video cause it was simply not known well enough and now we almost pretty much know how this all turned out

  • D. Cortens
    D. Cortens 2 meses atrás +8

    This video made me feel thankful, yet existential for the fact I tuned in out of some kind of nostalgia. I had COVID twice, Delta and Omicron. Props to my immune system, I hope they don't unionize.

  • Maglev
    Maglev 6 meses atrás +9

    It really speaks to the power of this video and the ignorance of mass media that literally two years later this is still very useful advice

  • Benjamin K
    Benjamin K 2 anos atrás +6546

    I feel like, this video should be played on loop in our hospital waiting rooms, in the TV and should be in everyone's BRclip recommendation.
    Edit: BRclip with this many likes, you can see how many people want this video to spread and inform everyone of how the virus really works, so make your BRclip recommendations useful at least once and really put this into people's recommendations list. That's the least you can do as a social sharing platform to help fight the virus.

    • D1craigRob
      D1craigRob 27 dias atrás

      what you do is copy the link and put it on Facebook or twitter, or share it in your WhatsApp groups.

    • 游戏顽家in Bilibili
      游戏顽家in Bilibili 2 meses atrás +1


    • Lars Gsänger
      Lars Gsänger 3 meses atrás +1

      Theres is NO virus, w t f?

    • ovencore
      ovencore 4 meses atrás

      a garrison in my city used the video

  • lord lem
    lord lem 8 meses atrás +19

    Would love to see a new video about everything happening today. How viruses get variants, how variants can spread, and the dangers of using only vaccines to combat a pandemic as a sort of silver bullet strategy.
    We knew so much and did so little. Turns out it's hard to change human behavior if it's personally inconveniencing.

  • just another account
    just another account 2 meses atrás +4

    We need an updated version of this going through the mutations and also all the knowledge we have gained about it!

    • No No
      No No Mês atrás

      I think they are working on it now hopefully

    • soundspark
      soundspark Mês atrás

      And how it spreads.

  • Chiranjeev Prasannaa
    Chiranjeev Prasannaa Mês atrás +3

    This video educated many people about the viruses. Great work.

  • Nicholas Marine
    Nicholas Marine 15 dias atrás +2

    You guys should do a video on asthma. I have bad asthma, and I would be fascinated to know what it REALLY is. If you guys made a video on it, it would really help.

  • mr.kitloin
    mr.kitloin 2 anos atrás +4313

    *Imagine kids in 2090 having to do coronavirus as a history project 💀*

  • Nigel Luo
    Nigel Luo Mês atrás +1

    Thank you for making the video. Three years into this and we realize it was the correct decision

  • John G Williams
    John G Williams 9 dias atrás +2

    My brother in law has the virus right now and he says it’s like the flu… but after taking a shitload of steroids, building up 1000 lbs of muscle mass, and developing an anger problem.

  • Diego Falcão
    Diego Falcão 8 meses atrás +5

    the amazingness of this channel turning very difficult themes to very understandable messages is perfect

  • Oo Tea
    Oo Tea 3 meses atrás +2

    I had Covid for the first time just about 3 weeks ago. My symptoms were extremely rapid, I had just a bit of a cough in the morning before school had started, and by the end of the day, I had a pounding headache, high heart rate, and was becoming extremely weak.
    By the time I got home, I was experiencing hot and cold flashes and my heart rate wouldn’t slow, so we went to the ER.
    They gave me two bags of fluids, steroids, and some fever-reducing medicines. I was feeling and looking a lot greater by midnight and went home, but I missed all my finals. 👍🏻🥲

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon Anos atrás +8919

    spoiler alert: this is a pandemic that went down in the history books

    • Xbladey
      Xbladey 2 dias atrás


    • Waffle
      Waffle 4 dias atrás +1

      we love those

    • Memecraft
      Memecraft 11 dias atrás

      I want to read about this in like 20 years or so in a history book lol 😂

    • Brenda Napuli
      Brenda Napuli 13 dias atrás


    • digitalsiler
      digitalsiler Mês atrás

      for the scam factor

  • Ewa Jaśkiewicz
    Ewa Jaśkiewicz Mês atrás +1

    I am from Poland, I recently wached you unpack a BRclip statuette for a 3 billion subscription. Your entire team, headed by you, desened for the entire charity work. Especially the activities committed to Africa and mosquito-spread malaria. I subscribed to the channel 10 days ago and got curious when I watched a movie about malaria. I also liked the artistically made movie Everything About Coronavirus and What You Should Do. Very understandable and fantastic explained. For an ordinary "bread eater" like me, this is a wonderful instruction manual with an explanation. Many thanks and congratulations to all cooperating "goodwill" people. Ewa Ewa Ewa

  • Alex Lloyd
    Alex Lloyd 12 dias atrás

    Nearly three years since the outbreak and I’ve learnt is that COVID did in fact become a fast spread, however it wasn’t overall too bad in the end

  • Mr. Chimi
    Mr. Chimi 6 meses atrás +5

    I don't know why but nearly after 3 years and the people treating the virus like its non existent, I am finally watching a video on what coronavirus is.

  • Likefreezybro
    Likefreezybro 7 meses atrás +15

    I love how it is 2022 and this is still helpful.

  • Self-Proclaimed
    Self-Proclaimed 2 anos atrás +7885

    Let's take a minute to appreciate the efforts of Kurzgesagt team for their hard work. Thank you guys!!!
    Let's do what we can to defeat this pandemic and earn ourselves a happy ending!!!

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 6 meses atrás

      @Terry Winter Ah yes, you must be a flat earther if you like conspiracies

    • MI Mi
      MI Mi 7 meses atrás

      Aisha from Everglow 🤔🆒️

    • ★xoxosach!! ᵕ̈-sick
      ★xoxosach!! ᵕ̈-sick 7 meses atrás

      @John Cena ok?

    • John Cena
      John Cena 7 meses atrás

      @★xoxosach!! ᵕ̈-sick I think realistically, not "negative"...

  • TheRacc
    TheRacc 4 meses atrás

    It’s quite a nice feeling when something goes from being really bad to just being a bad memory.

  • TheWinterRenegade
    TheWinterRenegade 5 meses atrás +1

    Brilliant response video at the start! Part 2, please now that we're 2 years in! So much has happened!

  • Sambhav
    Sambhav 7 meses atrás +5

    This video precisely predicted the consequences of second wave of covid - 19 in India a year before it. Kudos!

  • Zachary Maneja
    Zachary Maneja 3 meses atrás +4

    Thank you for bringing awareness to why we should prevent COVID infections because I do care about my fellow health care associates. My mother is a nurse and didn't realize the effect my ignorance was causing.

  • Mathias Quiroga
    Mathias Quiroga 2 anos atrás +2264

    This should be translated into all languages ​​and spread it in all possible countries.

  • christian herrera
    christian herrera 4 meses atrás

    I remember watching this in quarantine, time really flies by! ❤️

  • Mat eu
    Mat eu 17 dias atrás

    The gray reality was that the symptoms were left untreated and the patient was quartered at home instead of being examined and treated for symptoms such as bronchitis which turned to cystitis and only then was the patient sent to the hospital when the disease had developed strongly. Influenza inflammation causes death if untreated or treated at the last minute, especially elderly people. So I do not make statistics out of it. As for the masks, of course, the spread of the virus is more variable, but I have not come across studies when a sick person wears one mask all the time and whether it still makes sense. Because this was the reality again, the recommendations are that people should change during the day, unfortunately, they changed when it was really ruined, etc. Still dry official data in Poland in 2020, 13,013,654 people died in the world from infectious diseases (including covid) 491,272 per seasonal group and on Coronavirus from the start of the pandemic to 2020, 1,822,039 died worldwide.

  • private expressor
    private expressor 3 meses atrás +18

    I’ve never gotten any disease since the beginning of COVID-19; then I watched this video to further protect myself. Thanks for the helpful information!

    • M P
      M P 16 dias atrás

      @Nawangwe yeah i got it during the mask stuff so doesn't matter the variants are really light anyway

    • M P
      M P 28 dias atrás

      @pog roblox gaming yeah fr

    • pog roblox gaming
      pog roblox gaming 28 dias atrás

      @M P i see people wearing masks inside their car and its so stupid lmao

  • Molecular Animations of the Cell

    awesomw work! 😱 kurzgesagt is one of the channels that inspire me to make animated videos. cant wait to see another molecular biology related video or a new ant species those are my favorite 🤓

  • Galadhon
    Galadhon 2 anos atrás +2379

    This should be dubbed in many languages. I mean it. This is way more easy to process and understand than the WHO or local agencies.
    Edit: I was not suggesting the local agencies were doing bad work. But this video is just perfect. I meant that government should buy the broadcast right or something and broadcast it. To be able to do so, you can't rely on the subtitles. Dubbing is the answer (once again, not implying Kurzgesagt should do it).
    Remember that some people do not have Internet or visit BRclip. Some don't use smartphones, computers (by choice or because they just can't).

    • The Further Red
      The Further Red 2 anos atrás

      @Cobra85291 I don't think you understand what airborne means... covid is not an airborne virus its an aerosol virus which means it can spread through droplets, such as saliva.

    • Cross
      Cross 2 anos atrás

      Check out Insane Curiosity! It's a wonderful educational channel (science-themed)!

    • Richard L
      Richard L 2 anos atrás

      @Heorogar They have a Spanish channel, look in the description of the video

    • Metal Icarus
      Metal Icarus 2 anos atrás

      Eenable subtitles by pressing c, then select language
      (works for most videos , not all)
      and subtitles make the video available for deaf people too

    • Is_What_It_Is
      Is_What_It_Is 2 anos atrás

      Absolutely true!

  • The_Heroic_E
    The_Heroic_E 14 dias atrás +1

    Why's there such a strong emphasis on manual hygiene to battle the spread of an airborne virus? Would it not make sense to rather look at ways to keep airborne particles down in order to reduce exposure to this highly infectious disease?
    In case this was not yet known at the time the video was created, I would be keen to see an updated video that evaluates the current situation based on current knowledge.
    Its just a suggestion, no criticism. Kurzgesagt, keep up the brilliant work you do to inform people in an engaging way. Love your vids!

  • Shiny_Birb
    Shiny_Birb 4 meses atrás +1

    This advice is still so useful that people don't even realize it was made 2 years ago lol

  • Ale G
    Ale G 13 dias atrás +4

    Revisiting this video, it feels like an update could be very useful right now, to talk about variants and the importance of multilayered approaches to public health that include not only vaccination but also masking, ventilation, air filtration, etc... And about Long COVID and the damage to the immune system, especially with reinfections... also, people forget COVID is mainly a vascular disease, we (understandably) focused a lot on the acute respiratory issues, but the lingering risk of stroke and heart problems are mostly overlooked and are also important...
    Anyway, thank you so much for all the immensely valuable work you do, Kurzgesagt team, I'm always looking forward to watching and recommending more of your videos :)

  • Jordi Vanderwaal
    Jordi Vanderwaal 7 meses atrás +8

    Kurzgesagt: We can either have a fast pandemic or a slow pandemic.
    Almost the entire world: Let's have both. One that's deadly and exhausts our healthcare systems, but also takes a long time to end.

  • Just a Random Weeb
    Just a Random Weeb 2 anos atrás +2765

    "Quarantine is not a fun experience."
    Me, as an introvert:
    I see nothing wrong with this.

    • TheEmperor31
      TheEmperor31 2 meses atrás

      @A cat with a fancy hat I'd like to know what you feel about the phrase "few weeks" now

    • Da Beach
      Da Beach 5 meses atrás

      You just wait and see

    • viva kirk
      viva kirk 2 anos atrás

      I'm an introvert too but I like to get out once in a while. Knowing I can't is driving me looney. I open my door to get fresh air. I'm in a studio with one window that doesn't open. I also have many underlying conditions : diabetes, HBP, broncihticus , etc.

    • Mista B
      Mista B 2 anos atrás

      East lmao welcome to the internet unfortunately

  • Zé Bianchi
    Zé Bianchi 4 meses atrás +2

    I found this video very late in the pandemic and I honestly didnt know the mechanics of the virus. I wish we lived we a society where better knowledge was spread and not selling news

  • N1ckp1erre
    N1ckp1erre Mês atrás +2

    Türkiye'den yazıyorum. Koronavirüs kesinlikle ilacı olmayan bir hastalık çünkü sürekli mutasyona uğruyor. İlacı yapmaya çabalayan doktorlar bunu biliyordu ama çok saçma nedensiz bir şekilde ilaç yapmaya gayret ediyorlardı,ilginç zamanlardı.

    • Ali Utku Gülderen
      Ali Utku Gülderen Mês atrás +4

      Her virüs ve bakteri mutasyon gecirir ve bunu sürekli yapar. Ama her mutasyon virüsün zar proteinlerini değistirmedigi icin isterse yüzlerce mutasyon geçirsin aşı hâlâ etkili olabilir

  • Mikael Överfjord
    Mikael Överfjord 8 meses atrás +12

    I am so happy to announce that my grandparents just survived corona, thankfully they had already gotten their vaccinations, so they were some what prepared.
    God bless everyone's loved ones.

    • BloodLust_98
      BloodLust_98 7 meses atrás +1

      I got tested December 5th 2021 but i probably already got it before because my dad got tested the day before thanksgiving

    • Mohchiii
      Mohchiii 8 meses atrás +1

      @Mr Potato Hope he gets better soon

    • Mr Potato
      Mr Potato 8 meses atrás +1

      @Swifty it’s been a month since I got it

    • Mr Potato
      Mr Potato 8 meses atrás +1

      @Swifty sorry for misleading you

    • Mr Potato
      Mr Potato 8 meses atrás +1

      @Mohchiii I recovered but my brother just got it today

  • Diane dowley
    Diane dowley 5 meses atrás +15

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    • Astrolock
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  • Simon Johansen
    Simon Johansen 4 meses atrás +3

    Been making my way through Kurzgesagt's "Medicine & Biology" video playlist within this month. Made a daily ritual of watching each video on the list twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. In the process I have learned a ton of information about how the human body, the immune system and viruses function that I either never knew or forgot about since I learned it in school. The most important thing I noticed while watching this video, though? For most of my life I tend to get nauseous, dizzy or at least somewhat uncomfortable when hearing about how disease works in the body but that no longer happens at all after I've started watching Kurzgesagt videos about diseases and the immune system so they have definitely had a clear positive effect on my health.
    Regarding the topic of this video: I am pretty fortunate to still not having caught COVID-19, probably because I live in Denmark (a country with one of the best healthcare systems on the planet and hence having the pandemic under relatively satisfying control) but also live a pretty introverted lifestyle so for me to start socially distancing was not that big a change from how I already lived. I did get sick a couple times but I actually got tested for COVID-19 and both tests came up negative.

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    This is so well done and illustrated even so the kids can get the idea but it's been 2 years since then and our countries keep messing with us every couple of months a new root, a new name, new restrictions it's getting worse and worse ppl can't have it anymore..

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    the tornado channel 4 meses atrás

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    The coronavirus expert told me that as long as I wore a mask and gloves, I could go out and be safe, but don't lie to me!
    I did what I was told and went out, but everyone had their jackets and pants on!

  • Master Quark
    Master Quark 7 meses atrás +2

    Another reason why the health care system declines in workers is, if they talk about how the virus works in a way that is deemed to be false. If they do, they'll be stripped of their licenses and fired.

  • 9A_23_Tyrant Qiu
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    Covid : how about both?

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    Easy, get vaccinated and don't be a Karen 🥰

    • aCollectionOfCellsThatMakeMemes
      aCollectionOfCellsThatMakeMemes 7 meses atrás +1

      Half the people in the comment section don’t seem to understand washing hands is helping out a lot as well. And also get vaccinated.

  • Damien kun
    Damien kun 25 dias atrás

    i was 2 years virus free until a family member attend an event with thousands, the whole house then got the virus & it was the worst illness you can experience. Fevers, No appetite, and your body aches. I'm getting over it now but damn it sucked.

  • Universal_Wisdom
    Universal_Wisdom 2 meses atrás

    My Dad had corona virus at least once and was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, he’s doing better but the symptoms seem to come back when he stops taking medication for it. It makes me wonder if the result after corona virus is some form of AIDS without the sexually transmitted part. An immunodeficiency that you don’t recover from. I also got corona virus at least once, but haven’t gotten sick since I recovered.

  • Joshua Mclean
    Joshua Mclean 7 meses atrás +1

    This was literally my earliest strategy to win Pandemic the game. Infect tons of people ASAP then turn up the severity.
    That game is simultaneously cool and aged terribly.

    • e
      e 3 meses atrás

      so ethical

  • Ian Grams
    Ian Grams 2 anos atrás +1750

    To everyone who makes Kurzgesagt possible, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very much ♥️ I genuinely believe you all make our world a better place. I'll be making a point to share this video everywhere I can and finally ordered some merch to put my money where my mouth is :]

    • Ian Grams
      Ian Grams Anos atrás

      ​@TRUST IN YAH you can't buy or sell without money which has names and numbers on it. Uh oh. Money must be the mark of the beast too :O
      I suspect if there's an almighty god who will be judging us, he's not gonna judge those encouraging others not to make efforts to protect themselves and their neighbors too favorably.
      Besides, I already got my vaxx and my thirst for blood sacrifices has already decreased significantly.

    • Spacetot1O1
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      I feel like your just making this comment to get noticed

    • Ian Grams
      Ian Grams 2 anos atrás

      @The Jabber Of Jobbies hey man it's all good, we're only human after all. Thank you for the apology and kind words, they're worth infinitely more than some comment likes.

    • The Jabber Of Jobbies
      The Jabber Of Jobbies 2 anos atrás +1

      @Ian Grams in these strange times we should all be as humble and genuine as yourself, i made an error in judgement and i apologise for that as you seem to be a gracious and giving person

    • Ian Grams
      Ian Grams 2 anos atrás +2

      @The Jabber Of Jobbies all good, no offense taken. My reply was sarcastic because you seemed unreasonably bothered over something as trivial as a BRclip comment. Thanks for filling me in on your rationale, though.
      To be entirely honest I just wanted to thank the people at Kurzgesagt who worked overtime to make this. I expected few if any to see my comment since I posted it well after this was published. I can't much trade in these internet points for anything of value so not sure why I'd tailor my comment to attract them.
      No offense, but it seems you may be projecting your insecurities a bit here. Might be worth reflecting upon that. I hope you stay well as well, my differently-made friend.

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  • aCollectionOfCellsThatMakeMemes

    Something that is truly concerning is that it doesn’t take too long to find an anti-vax person while scouring through new.

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    Can we just appreciate how fast they made this video to quickly inform everybody about the virus ? Graphics, narration, Thumbnails, Information is still on point. Biggest props to the team behind this channel! 😊 KEEP IT UP💪

    • Adrian Dadole
      Adrian Dadole 2 anos atrás +3

      thib that’s not enough to convince me. they even have a video that explains how they make their videos. so unless you have credibility on how to run an established, multi-million-subscriber channel that pays attention to every single detail, then i cannot say that your argument is valid.

    • thib
      thib 2 anos atrás

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    • Johny Pineda
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    • Adrian Dadole
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      thib they cannot make a video about pressing topics very quickly because of the sheer amount of work a single video requires. most of their videos are planned for months. they simply felt the need to make this video ASAP in order to help and inform us; thus, making a video on a very recent topic probably costed them a lot of hard work and overtime hours. this video may not the same quality as the other usual ones, but you can see the work put into it. so unless you’re in their shoes making their videos, i would refrain from assuming things of them.

    • Matthew
      Matthew 2 anos atrás +4

      @thib How to you know they didn't absolutely work their asses off to get this out when they did? They could have worked all day with no breaks for several days in a row.

  • Moonlit_Menagerie
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    It's kinda sad that nobody cared.
    Kurzgesagt literally explained exactly how the healthcare system in my country was so easily overwhelmed ((in their fast spread example)). And this was well before any of that had time to happen. It's clear there are people who did listen, but unfortunately, not enough.
    So much for not being remembered by the history books.

    • Bill Thompson
      Bill Thompson 4 dias atrás

      Where do you live that no one cared? where I am, it was all anyone talked about for two years - over phone or media.
      no one interacted with each other.

  • LA BoutaBagDoe
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    The Spanish version of this video was used yesterday by the President of my country (Guatemala) to help everyone have a better understanding of covid19... as a long time follower and fan of your videos it was a proud moment for me!!! Thanks for your amazing work! All of Guatemala saw part of it yesterday!!!

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    It had passed almost two years and it is sad that we still are like this

  • Jeongyeon stole Jimin’s jams

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    • Strange Lizard
      Strange Lizard 7 meses atrás +2

      @Mr wrinkles What a stupid argument. That's like comparing someone who survived a car crash with someone who survived a motorcycle crash because "both survived" (just in case you are not aware, motorcycle crashes have a much higher fatality and injury rate).

    • Mr wrinkles
      Mr wrinkles 8 meses atrás

      But you are still here alive and talking. So the virus wasn't that bad at all. You could compare it to the flu

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    • Mr Potato
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      @Rick Stehmeyer uh yes, that is a good idea!

    • Rick Stehmeyer
      Rick Stehmeyer 8 meses atrás +1

      @Mr Potato not my intention to imply that it was! Just thought one that takes the new variants into the conversation and the vaccine tech would be cool.

    • Mr Potato
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    • Songbird645
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      Wake up from what?

    • Fork
      Fork 7 meses atrás +5

      It’s not slow or fast, it’s both. COVID just switches between slow and fast pandemic whenever a vaccine comes out or a new variant or some sort of massive cluster starts.

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  • PixieishSheet
    PixieishSheet 4 meses atrás

    I had covid but i beat it in less then a week i just ate alot of dates bananas and apples but i did have a very severe soar throat and my voice was different it also gave me a very stuffy nose

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    • Miyu's Little Channel
      Miyu's Little Channel 7 meses atrás

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      By the time they'd be done with that, the pandemic would be long over

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    I think we need to use technology to have more social distancing in a timely manner to stop this diseases. There could be an app on all our phones that could organize/arrange/schedule every ones daily tasks/chores, groceries, work etc. We could log in our times available and we could show up to specific places at specific times to reduce gatherings to stop the spread. If we all stay away then it will decrease mathematically.

  • Matt Buñag
    Matt Buñag 5 meses atrás +2

    i remember watching this video the day it was posted, thinking, that its only gonna be 2 weeks and everything's gonna go back to normal. 2 years later here we are, still stuck in this era

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    2020: Stay away from positive people

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    • Songbird645
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      Is it getting better?

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    I’ve never heard such threatening yet convincing instructions on how to wash my hands until now.

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    • soundspark
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    Somehow we (US) ended up with a pandemic that lasted as long as a slow one, and still overwhelmed our healthcare system repeatedly. Not that they would admit it, given their choice of media confirming their own bias...but it's mostly because of all the people who wouldn't get a jab, wear a mask or just stay home to save their own grandma.

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    • Izaak Quijano
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      Nice I got mine a few weeks ago and I just had a sore arm for a few days

    • lucid.
      lucid. 7 meses atrás

      @Ian Lemmon yes it kinda did!
      LOL i kindaaa past out...
      but the docter said that it was just a side effect!

    • Ian Lemmon
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      I hope your vaccination went well.

  • Pine
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    Unfortunately, the people who watches this channel probably already know how to be socially responsible and protect themselves. I worry for some who thinks this whole thing is a hoax.

    • TheLovelyPotato
      TheLovelyPotato 2 anos atrás

      LiL MopHead
      You’re referring to Trump saying, “the politicization of the virus is the media’s new hoax.”
      Trump supporters believe how the main stream media is handing the virus is a hoax, not the virus...

    • AugmentedGravity
      AugmentedGravity 2 anos atrás

      @Ryan Ehm no.

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 anos atrás

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  • Julias Caesar
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