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What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb In The Marianas Trench? (Science not Fantasy)

  • Publicado em 21 Jul 2018
  • Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!
    This video was inspired by xkcd and a video that shall remain unnamed.
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Comentários • 29 536

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I love how Kurzgesagt always makes you feel like the earth is going to be destroyed and then they tell you nah its prob fine

  • Kawahara Izumi
    Kawahara Izumi Anos atrás +1

    What I love so much about Kurzgesagt is that they make anything understandable to the listener. If they say "it will explode the force of 50 megetons of TNT," they make sure to explain just exactly what the result will look like, with an added bonus of a visual animation

  • Xtana Gaming
    Xtana Gaming Anos atrás +5

    The fact that humanity's most devastating weapon is basically a pop rock compared to what nature does on a regular basis is oddly satisfying

  • Pentagon
    Pentagon  +747

    Riddle: Just fantasy, not science!

  • The Jaded Commenter
    The Jaded Commenter Anos atrás +2

    “It helps us explain things, clowns around in the background, or dies a horrible and avoidable death.”

  • Thanos of the Communist Druzhinas

    I always thought that the water pressure of the Mariana Trench was strong enough to nullify a nuclear bomb enough as to not have devastating damage felt across the world, if above the trench at all

  • neural jam
    neural jam Anos atrás +5

    "The strongest forces humanity can unleash are laughable compared to the forces of nature."

  • BadMoew
    BadMoew Anos atrás +1

    Me: Just finishes building my lego set

  • New Hope
    New Hope Anos atrás +2

    RIP to all the birds and animals in the animation😢

  • TheGhostWheel

    Great in-depth analysis, but I think you forgot one important issue, landslides. While the force of the blast would generally be contained to about a 1 km radius, if the bomb was on the floor of the Marianas Trench, then it should be within that distance from.the side of the trench. So a large amount of force should be hitting the base sides of the trench. This could trigger some truly massive underwater landslides given how deep the trench is. There have been cases of large underwater landslides causing tsunamis before, and I'd wonder if thia type of situation could also cause one. Figuring it out would take quite a bit a work though trying to figure out exactly how the side of the trench would respond and require information on the geometry of the specific area of the trench and information on the composition of the trench walls.

  • DrLlama_
    DrLlama_ Anos atrás +410

    I like how he explains so much and in the end and the awsner is just "nothing"

  • VonGeloriko
    VonGeloriko Anos atrás +25

    I'm wondering. For the detonator to work so deep in the ocean the body of the bomb would have to be a lot thicker to resist the water pressure. Wouldn't it additionally decrease the power of the explosion by a significant value?

  • Shadynut
    Shadynut Anos atrás +4

    "It's a relatively pristine environment thanks to the absence of humans."

  • Rhonda Fizzleflint
    Rhonda Fizzleflint Anos atrás +1

    "The strongest forces humanity can unleash are loughable compared to the forces of nature."

  • _Danna _
    _Danna _ Anos atrás +194

    Can we just take a second to appreciate this animation-

  • Johnathon Lu

    While it’s great knowing most of life won’t change and be affected, it would be nice also know what would happen to the ocean’s wildlife as well.

  • Brobama
    Brobama Anos atrás +14

    I was having a similar conversation with my housemate the other day. He was pondering whether a nuclear bomb detonated at the centre of the earth would be catastrophic. I pointed out that compared to the massive forces and energy stored in the earths core, even the biggest nuke would be little more than a blip.

  • Fredinspace

    Hi! I’m a big fan keep your good work going, I love learning about space.

  • Smort Boi
    Smort Boi Anos atrás +3

    “It’s a pristine environment due to lack of human exploration...the perfect place to nuke!”