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The Most Horrible Parasite: Brain Eating Amoeba

  • Publicado em 2 Mai 2022
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    The Brain Eating Amoeba
    A war has been going on for billions of years that breeds well armed monsters who struggle with other monsters for survival. Having no particular interest in us, most of them are relatively harmless, as our immune systems deal with their weapons handily. But there are exceptions.
    Naegleria fowleri is an amoeba that not only has developed a deadly taste for human brains but is also a match for our defenses and a guest in dramatic headlines. What happens when this monster enters your body?
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Comentários • 17 271

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Luckily I’m safe from this amoeba since I lack the brain cells for it to feed on.

  • goose
    goose  +8

    Kurzgesagt: "You're immune to every disease"

  • Storm26
    Storm26  +4

    So I ordered a poster and while being shipped it got all crumpled and destroyed, so I asked for a new one. When you sent it back you put so much care into your packaging to make sure it wasn’t damaged. I just would like to say thank you for caring so much about your fans!

  • TheNecroticRaptor

    In line with your immune system not exactly being "careful," I've heard it described as "A twitchy, paranoid redneck with a lazy eye and a really big shotgun"

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr  +1

    Kurzgesagt: “It’s not evil”

  • Bubbafats
    Bubbafats  +614

    The wife wanted to invite friends to a park and hang out with kids and grill one summer. We ended up finding a decent lake with a park that was kinda in the middle of where we all lived. Upon getting there, i noticed a sign that said DO NOT GO IN THE WATER, as i researched on my phone as to why, i turned and looked at the wife and said "great choice, you picked the only lake in the state that has brain eating amoebas." At first she called me a dumb ass and didnt wanna hear my stuff, then she looked it up herself LMFAO, either way it was still a fun day and the kids had plenty to do besides go in the water.

  • Tekuani Aakab

    I love how Kurzgesagt has embraced the existential dread that accompanies most of their videos

  • Ofentse Mwase Films

    There’s a guy in my hometown who had this amoeba 🦠 and survived. Though it chowed a bit of his brain and left him blind on one eye. His one eye looks all white now.

  • Ramsha Hussain

    My supervisor, a young neurosurgeon just in his 30s , passed away due to this . I still remember we all had a pizza party just a day before and the next day he was brought in the ER with seizures. His MRI Brain was so haunting to see .

  • Daniel L
    Daniel L  +65

    I think these videos are good for mental health. I experience a lot of anxiety, the joke about existential dread is way too real. I don't know why, but the way this horrible knowledge is presented in an amusing manner helps in some small way. I doubt this comment will be noticed, but nonetheless, thank you, Kurzgesagt.

  • Astr0id
    Astr0id  +1


    NANO DASH  +220


  • Scorpo
    Scorpo  +12

    anxiety unlocked: never swim again

  • Red Theo
    Red Theo  +335

    I love how they made this amoeba feel like some kind of monster from a horror movie, something extremely scary and deadly, but you're very unlikely to encounter it

  • OsirisRexx
    OsirisRexx  +195

    Gotta be honest, Kurzgesagt, I'm not going to feel much dread about being tiny after watching a video about a much, much tinier, much more badass thing that would take me out in a week.

  • Tell Will
    Tell Will  +47

    I love the way the artist(s) drew the people this episode. I hope that that art style continues, especially when topics focus more on the human body, but in general would be cool too.

  • Woodysoapbar

    One thing this channel has actually really helped me with is anxiety. I used to see everything at face value and immediately feel overwhelmed, their story-telling has really helped me step back and assess situations realistically instead of at face value so thank you.

  • Loz D
    Loz D  +20

    Amazing that so much has been learned about how this amoeba operates with less than 400 known cases!

  • Gold Ingot 555

    So, you're telling me this can only infect me if water goes up my nose? That's a relief. For a second, I thought I'd have to stop drinking raw seawater over this.