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What if We Nuke a City?

  • Publicado em 12 Out 2019
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    As you may have noticed, we like to blow stuff up on this channel. So when the International Red Cross approached us to collaborate on a video about nuclear weapons, we were more than excited.
    Until we did the research. It turned out we were a bit oblivious off the real impact of nuclear weapons in the real world, on a real city. And especially, how helpless even the most developed nations on earth would be if an attack occurred today.
    So hopefully this video demonstrates how extremely non fun a real world nuclear attack would be, without being too gruesome. This collaboration was a blast (no pun intended) and we want to say a huge thank you to the International Red Cross!
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Comentários • 79 850

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  • marcos vinicius

    coming back to these nuke videos doesn't seem so fun anymore

  • Ella
    Ella  +2

    It's just hitting me that this actually happened, cities have been vaporized. Many people suffered through this horror. And there is a real possibility that it will happen again.

  • Mert
    Mert  +4

    The fact that this becomes more and more relevant over time is pretty fucking sad...

  • kitrick42

    Im more afraid of surviving a nuclear attack than dying in one.

  • 日本史よわよわマン

    As a Japanese, I learned about nuclear weapons at school. In fact, this video is still mild not to shock us. I have read some books about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and I was really scared. Now, watching the news, I hope this will never happen.

  • Arthur Herbst

    For those wondering: that was for about a yield of 1 MT. So a rather big strategic nuke. Truely terrifying.

  • WiseOldBill
    WiseOldBill 2 anos atrás +65

    Id like to take a moment to thank Stanislov Petrov, the soviet lieutenant who refused to launch nukes during the cold war when ordered to do so

  • A' DovaH
    A' DovaH  +544

    I love how the narrator calmly describe how awful your life will end. He’s like narrating a normal life of an animal in national geographic!

  • Albert Chen
    Albert Chen 21 dia atrás +35

    Every couple of months, I find myself coming back to revisit this video. It really is such a shame that despite everything, the threat of nuclear war seems higher than ever before.

  • MEDrums
    MEDrums  +280

    This becomes increasingly more relevant right now, especially living and working in a city that, if an atomic war were to break out, is very likely to get struck by a nuclear weapon.

  • Revenge Raptor

    What terrifies me is just how MUCH nuclear weapons countries in modern day may hold. We're talking THOUSANDS. I can't even begin to fathom how we'd use them all, considering the repercussions of just using one alone. This is why the threat of nuclear fallout is very real and very terrifying, even if so many threats from other countries have yet to come to fruition.

  • Timmytom112

    The scary thing is, if you survived the blast and are able to walk around, there is a high chance that you are "living" in the remains of someone who was just ripped apart atom by atom

  • Face Fish
    Face Fish 2 anos atrás +48

    Basically, being immediately evaporated is the best case

  • Seuss Doctor

    I don't think they put enough emphasis on how inhumane way of dying many would have to suffer, such as internal bleeding caused by strong radiation.

  • RP-LoneRanger

    Re-watching this today doesn't make me curious. It makes me horrified..

  • Ty DeCola
    Ty DeCola 21 dia atrás +6

    The fact that they only get stronger is pretty scary, coupled with tge fact that it doesn't seem as far-fetched anymore.

  • Alèxia
    Alèxia  +137

    Illustrations like this are very useful to viscerally remind people of how important it is to avoid nuclear war. And we have the grim history of what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we know it is not worth it due to the suffering it causes.

  • Sharkfinzz Old

    I love watching Kurzgesagt's nuke videos!

  • iTz Olie
    iTz Olie 2 anos atrás +10

    Living in a small town suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.