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Why Blue Whales Don't Get Cancer - Peto's Paradox

  • Publicado em 29 Fev 2020
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    Cancer is a creepy and mysterious thing. While we tried to understand it, to get better at killing it, we discovered a biological paradox that remains unsolved to this day: large animals seem to be immune to cancer. Which doesn’t make any sense - the bigger a being, the more cancer it should have. To understand why, we first need to take a look at the nature of cancer itself.
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  • LoadingScreen
    LoadingScreen 2 anos atrás +28

    "Cancer kills Cancer"

  • Jimmy Z
    Jimmy Z Anos atrás +8

    The cancer killing cancer part reminds me of Mr Burns getting diagnosed with every disease, but they’re all fighting each other so he stays healthy

  • Gib_RL Gibson
    Gib_RL Gibson Anos atrás +3

    i've never seen a more positive and cute representation of just pure death and horrible disease

  • Jorji Costava
    Jorji Costava Anos atrás +1

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but my enemy is his own worst enemy, so really my enemy is my friend”

  • CopyFox7
    CopyFox7 Anos atrás +7

    "How the hell do we kill cancer?"

  • Crazee Lazee

    "Cancer is killing cancer"

  • ohm
    ohm Anos atrás +9

    To conclude: Large animals have so much cancer, they don’t have cancer

  • Aarav Suhas
    Aarav Suhas Anos atrás +5

    "Cancer is killing cancer"

  • The Guy Whose Inside your Walls

    "Cancer is killing Cancer"

  • Luca S.
    Luca S.  +271

    as someone who's had cancer twice, watching this feels like i'm spying on the little freaks that almost ruined my life

  • Zach Dilton
    Zach Dilton Anos atrás +2

    I still love the fact that, when needed, the body literally goes "kys" to the cells lmao.

  • ckl
    ckl  +133

    I had an idea for a horror movie several years ago, "Stage Five". Essentially the idea is that as cancer is divided into four stages, with the fourth stage being terminal, a fifth stage is where the cancer continues to live after it has killed the host. It would have a combination of zombie and cosmic horror aesthetic.

  • [Redacted ]
    [Redacted ] 2 anos atrás +5

    “Imagine being forced to kill yourself after making one mistake”.

  • Mr. NoViews
    Mr. NoViews Anos atrás +1

    "The whales are so big that they don't even care about cancer."

  • Augur of Dunlain
    Augur of Dunlain Anos atrás +2

    Why no one is talkimg about how cool the artwork is

  • Chris Buhl
    Chris Buhl  +127

    Hello, My name is Savannah Buhl. I am 7 years old. I have been watching your videos for about a year. I had an MRI recently, I was excited about it, instead of scared, because of your videos about science. So I want to thank you for making me interested in space and science. PS - My daddy bought me Immune, I'm not quite old enough to read it yet but I will soon. PPS - I tried to join Brilliant but they only have problems for kids 10 older. I think I can still do them, my daddy is trying to figure out how to get me an account even though I'm too young. PPPS - I am commenting on this video because it is my favorite so far, but I REALLY like A LOT of your videos. PPPPS - I also have your gratitude journal (my daddy got it for me for Christmas last year), and we write in it before bedtime. Sincerely, Savannah (March 31, 2022)

  • Michael Wolf
    Michael Wolf Anos atrás +545

    Cancer up the hill: "You were the chosen one! It was said you would destroy the organism not join them! Not leave it in a paradox."

  • Benjamin Dorsey

    This might be the best youtube channel in the history of BRclip. The “I have a startup idea!” Cancer cell almost made me spit my coffee out laughing 😂

  • Lis
    Lis 2 anos atrás +9

    "Cancer kills cancer"