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Two Chapters From Our New Book - Exclusive Preview!

  • Publicado em 27 Set 2021
  • To preorder IMMUNE click here: kgs.link/ImmuneBook -- It’s available in English and German and at online retailers it should be available in pretty much all countries too.
    Today we are doing something different: an exclusive preview, we’ll listen to the introduction and two chapters from the Kurzgesagt book, “Immune: A Journey Into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive”, written by Kurzgesagt founder and head writer Philipp Dettmer. It’s about the epic story of the immune system, the most important thing you do not know enough about and will forever change how you think about your body. “Immune” will be released November 2nd and you can preorder it right now!
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Comentários • 4 379

  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    To preorder IMMUNE click here:

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax Anos atrás +4

    Can’t wait for your team to make an immune system anime better than Cells at Work in the future

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena Anos atrás +1

    When Steve speaks, we listen.

  • schtik
    schtik Anos atrás +1

    Phillip: *scrapes elbow on bush*

  • Flavor Lab
    Flavor Lab Anos atrás +3

    I didn't know you had cancer :( I am glad you are better.

  • How About No
    How About No Anos atrás +895

    I will pay money, good money, for you to narrate the entire book. Something about your passion and voice makes it so awesome. I've preorder-ed but damn, reading it in my own voice will just not be the same.

  • Ashley Ann Laz

    Just ordered your book. My five year old son and I watch every single one of your videos, and I can't wait to share this book with him.

  • FlipYourLearning
    FlipYourLearning Anos atrás +6

    Yes! I love this! Since the book's anouncement I've been working on making a videogame where players can control the immune system and protect a person from infections and cancer as they grow and age. I've put 250 hours on it so far and will keep working on it until it's finished (I'm a biologist and had been dreaming of a game like that for years). If anyone reading this has ideas for the game, please leave a comment and I'll consider them.

  • yorozuya
    yorozuya  +135

    Please make this a series of books about chemistry, physics, space, biology I’d buy all of them :D

  • Constantin Andro
    Constantin Andro Anos atrás +825

    "To keep you alive, to whine another day" i feel personally attacked.

  • Trash panda

    Hi Kurzgesagt, I'm a 12 year old in New Zealand, And i just want to thank you for a fun way of learning that keeps me clicking on every video on your channel. I just bought your immune book and I'm really exited for it to turn up! Thanks again. :D

  • Xiaohan Ma

    I preordered and waited half a year for this book to arrive. As a graphic designer myself, i can honestly say that this is one of the most well-designed and well-printed books I've ever had, and it's worth so much more than how much it's currently priced. Part of me feels extremely lucky, and even privileged, that of all the time in human history, I'm living in the time when Kurzgesagt exists.

  • NeverLoseTheBlues

    I got the book for Christmas, and it's awesome! It really explains all the basic principles so well and in a way you can remember easily, without all the truely terrible technical terms. It's great you can make science so wonderfully understandable and fun, not only in videos, but also in a huge book!

  • S.K.Julian
    S.K.Julian Anos atrás +1

    Gotta love Steve's voice... Even if He was just reading every article of the gdpr i would still listen.

  • Catherine
    Catherine  +19

    I pre-ordered Immune today! As a medical student and a visual learner, this is just perfect! Perfect read on a short vacation, or just to keep me occupied anywhere. Feels like a candy you can find on your pocket. I do hope it is accurate ❤️

  • Junho Lee
    Junho Lee Anos atrás +166

    "Immune system is the most complex biological system known to humanity, other than the brain"

  • Steve Openshaw

    Instead of an audiobook version of this, I’m thinking I’d love a multi Blu-ray version! A TV series worth of Kurzgesagt animation, narration and content on one single topic would be amazing!

  • Priyanka Arora

    I ordered this book and to be honest it is the best thing to read!! I mean it is amazing. A big thanks to Philipp Dettmer and the whole team of Kruzgesagt. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Basara
    Basara  +2

    If you are reading this comment and have been watching kurzgesagt for some time, you should get this book.

  • smokebomb.exe
    smokebomb.exe Anos atrás +857

    Hopefully they do an astrophysics book, a geology book, an animal kingdom book, a blow everything up book...